Royals: Prince Harry accuses the media of "exploitation" and "bribery".

Prince Harry has again made serious allegations against parts of the British media.

Royals: Prince Harry accuses the media of "exploitation" and "bribery".

Prince Harry has again made serious allegations against parts of the British media. "It is my duty to uncover exploitation and bribery in our media," said the 38-year-old right at the beginning of a new Netflix documentary about saying goodbye to himself and his wife Duchess Meghan (41) from the British royal family. In the same sequence, Meghan alleges that the media wanted to "destroy" the couple.

Six episodes

The first three episodes of the six-part documentary series "Harry

Diana, who died in a tragic car accident in 1997, was constantly "harassed" by cameras, Harry regrets. Even after her separation from Prince Charles - now King Charles III. - she had an extremely difficult life. The Netflix documentary also shows excerpts from the sensational BBC interview at the time, in which Diana spoke openly about her plight. The broadcaster itself no longer broadcasts the interview because the reporter at the time used forged documents to gain access to the princess.

Harry draws clear parallels between his mother and his now-wife Meghan and talks about "the suffering that happens to women who marry into this family". He was very afraid that history could repeat itself.

About Meghan and her father

Meanwhile, Prince Harry wants to take responsibility for his wife Meghan's breakup with her father Thomas Markle. He said so in the third episode of the docuseries. Meghan has been at odds with her father Thomas Markle since their marriage in 2018. The 78-year-old first posed for paparazzi photos for money and then canceled his participation in the celebration at short notice.

"Obviously it's incredibly sad what happened. She had a father before and now she doesn't have a father," said Harry. He added: "I take it on myself because if Meghan wasn't with me her dad would still be her dad."

The documentary series is seen as a renewed affront to the royal family and was sharply condemned by the British tabloid press even before it was broadcast.

Harry: Nazi costume "one of the biggest mistakes of my life"

Britain's Prince Harry has called wearing a Nazi costume to a party "one of the biggest mistakes of my life". The now 38-year-old appeared at a private costume party in 2005 in a uniform with a swastika armband. Photos of it quickly found their way into the media and triggered a storm of outrage. "I was so embarrassed afterwards, I just wanted to fix it," he said.

He met the chief rabbi in London after the incident. "I went to Berlin and spoke to a Holocaust survivor," said the prince, summing up: "I could have just ignored it and made these mistakes over and over again in my life, but I learned from them."

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