Roland Kaiser: What does the album "Perspectives" have to offer?

Roland Kaiser celebrated his 70th birthday on May 10th.

Roland Kaiser: What does the album "Perspectives" have to offer?

Roland Kaiser celebrated his 70th birthday on May 10th. This year he is giving his fans numerous gifts on the occasion of his anniversary. The pop singer has already released the best-of album "My Playlist - Everything you want", after which he was on stage for his "Summer Open Air 2022" and his "Kaisermania" shows. The highlight of the year is the new studio album "Perspektiven", which will be released on September 2nd.

Roland Kaiser shows his very own view of the world and deals with a variety of topics. For example, love and eroticism play a role. One song could even cause a bit of an uproar: "You, your girlfriend and I" tells the story of an imaginary love triangle. The song appealed to Kaiser "immediately because it's so fascinating and so cheeky," says the singer. Even if the title may be "an impudence" in the eyes of some people, "which one should no longer allow oneself at my age": The singer is "conscious of polarizing with this song". He sees it “relaxedly”.

Kaiser recently unpacked his former love life on the show "World Wide Living Room". The singer was asked if there used to be female groupies with specific intentions. "There was certainly a whole range of offers, no question about it," Kaiser replied. "But of course I'm not a boy for one night and I didn't say yes straight away." He has been happily married to his wife Silvia for the third time since 1996.

There are also some retrospective songs on the album, such as the track "Es ist alles ok". The track composed by Nino de Angelo (58) is about Kaiser's (wrong) ways. "Life doesn't follow a linear path that always goes straight ahead," says the 70-year-old. "There are junctions, missteps, obstacles and one-way streets. Sometimes you stumble or even fall. But in the end everything is okay, I can say that, at least for me, in retrospect."

Kaiser reflects on his life: "If you have experienced what I have experienced - and in particular have successfully completed an organ transplant - then you put it into perspective very, very much." In 2010 he underwent a lung transplant and gave him a big comeback tour the year after. "Today, elementary things like politeness and relaxation are important to me. I don't take certain things so seriously anymore. If something doesn't work as planned today, I don't attach the same importance to it as I used to. The important thing is never to stand still, keep your curiosity and look at life from a different perspective," emphasizes Kaiser.

Roland Kaiser also highlights political issues on his album. With "confidence" he makes an "appeal against hate and against any misanthropic traits," as he says. Especially these days, "nothing is more important than spreading confidence," he continues. "We have to contend with a wide variety of challenges: be it illness, loss, grief or other stresses. With this song I want to give hope for better times and the courage not to give up." For example, the lyrics of the song read: "Please look me in the face / I want to see what's behind / Behind all the hate and slogans / What stole your heart? / Come back to you."

In a duet with Giovanni Zarrella (44), Roland Kaiser also delivers a bonus track: the two have taken the classic "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" and turned it into a modern version. The singers took an example from Lady Gaga (36) and her hit "Hold My Hand", as Kaiser explains. "I really enjoyed working with Giovanni," he enthuses.

The last song on the album, "Until the last breath", was penned by Gregor Meyle (43). "He gave me this wonderful song for my 70th birthday," says Kaiser. The 70-year-old further emphasizes: "Even if this piece has retrospective features, I have no plans to stop my work in the foreseeable future. There is only one thing in my life that I really regret: the fact that I smoked Otherwise I live on with the complete work of Roland Kaiser - that's the way it is."

In his anniversary year, Roland Kaiser impressively demonstrated that he is a long way from retirement. And it goes on: The next concert tour is in the starting blocks. From the end of October, the 70-year-old will be touring live with his band in Germany's major arenas, including Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Dortmund, Munich and Leipzig.

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