Reunited at "DSDS": Everything about the bromance of Bohlen and Lombardi

For Pietro Lombardi (30) and Dieter Bohlen (68), the year 2023 will definitely be a highlight.

Reunited at "DSDS": Everything about the bromance of Bohlen and Lombardi

For Pietro Lombardi (30) and Dieter Bohlen (68), the year 2023 will definitely be a highlight. Because together they celebrate two big farewells. From January 14, you will sit with Katja Krasavice (26) and pop singer Leony (25) for the last time on the jury of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". After the 20th season, the casting show is coming to an end this year. In the summer, the good friends then tour Germany together. Lombardi accompanied Bohlen on his farewell tour. The musicians have had a special relationship for over ten years.

Her "bromance" began in 2011. At that time, Lombardi entered the sacred "DSDS" halls as a candidate. Bohlen thought he was talented from the start. "I was pretty much the only one on the jury who recognized that at the time," he explained years later on the show. He was right. His protégé won the eighth season.

For Lombardi, his time with "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" was also significant in other ways. During the recall, he fell in love with his comrade-in-arms Sarah Engels (29). Both made it to the final and performed as a newlyweds. If they actually get married, Bohlen promised at the time to buy the wedding rings. In 2013 the time had come: According to RTL, the pop titan kept his word and financed the rings.

Meanwhile, musically, things weren't going quite as well for Lombardi as they did immediately after his "DSDS" victory. His debut album "Jackpot", produced by Bohlen, stayed at number one in the charts for three weeks in 2011 and went platinum. In September of the same year, Bohlen and Lombardi followed up with "Pietro Style", the second album, which didn't even make it into the top 30. In early 2012, Bohlen then announced the end of the musical collaboration.

That didn't spoil their friendship. The duo proved that around 2016. It was a difficult year for Lombardi. After five years of relationship, in which he and Engels had son Alessio (7), the couple separated. Dieter Bohlen was also at his buddy's side during this phase. The pop titan later raved on RTL: "The way Pietro behaved towards Sarah during this whole separation phase was really great! That was mega." During that time he was in regular contact with him and admired how he dealt with the situation.

Sunnier times soon followed for the good friends. In 2017, the dream team worked together again on a song for the first time. Together with the two "DSDS" winners Alexander Klaws (39) and Prince Damien (32) and the "DSDS" runner-up Juliette Schoppmann (42), they re-recorded the cult classic "We Have a Dream". A year later, Lombardi landed his first number one hit since 2011 with "Phänomenal".

In 2019 and 2020, the Karlsruher sat next to his friend Bohlen behind the "DSDS" jury panel. In the two seasons together, viewers got plenty of entertaining "bromance" moments. Viewers wished back the mutual teasing during the show.

"Dieter and I love each other," said the 30-year-old singer about his friendship with Bohlen. "I don't think anything can separate us anymore." Because the relationship between the two men is not only based on good harmony in front of the camera or successful cooperation. During a question and answer session on Instagram in June 2022, Lombardi made it clear that both were in contact with each other "actually every day". "We're real friends, whether it's in front of the camera or behind it. We're always there for each other and that's what life is all about," he enthused.

No wonder that with Dieter Bohlen's return to "DSDS" 2023 Pietro Lombardi should not be missing. Shortly after Bohlen's comeback was announced, he announced on Instagram: "Dieter is happy! Why is Dieter happy? Because Pietro is back!" Lombardi commented on the post at the time: "I love you, you know that. It's going to be awesome."

Even away from the stages and cameras, the year has something special in store for the two of them. Lombardi is expecting his second son with his fiancée Laura Maria. In an Instagram video, Bohlen discussed possible names for their family growth with the expectant parents. If the wedding bells should also ring for the couple in 2023, Bohlen will certainly also be part of this special day.