Reading tips: Erotic literature: These books provide tingling moments

According to statistics, 24 percent of Germans have already had experience with erotic literature.

Reading tips: Erotic literature: These books provide tingling moments

According to statistics, 24 percent of Germans have already had experience with erotic literature. This includes pornographic magazines as well as books that deal with sexual events - such as the notorious novel trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey", in which submission and dominance play just as important a role as love, lust and passion. And although the book received a lot of approval and rejection at the same time, there is no question that there are enough readers who are interested in erotic literature. And it therefore has an absolute right to exist. If you are still looking for a tingling story, you will find it in the following tips.

What does a woman do when her husband gives her a free pass to let off steam for a year – when, how often and with whom she wants? This is exactly what this erotic novel is about: the abysses of sexual desire with all their dirty details. And of course this is also reflected in the vocabulary of the protagonist. You have to find out for yourself why she got the free ticket in the first place. The book is here.

This erotic novel sizzles with sexual tension: The first volume, "Alluring Roses", follows the story of Maddie Jennings, a landscape designer who, newly separated, throws herself into a new garden project in L.A. There she meets Landon Connor, the widowed brother of her client, who exerts a magical attraction on her. Admittedly, the story sounds a bit like a dime novel, but it still inspires a large readership. The book is here.

Single mom Olivia works from one odd job to the next to secure a roof over her and her son's heads. When she accidentally gets a job as a cleaner at the FBI and meets the attractive and mysterious agent Riley Keaton, she has no idea that their meeting was no coincidence - just as little as the job offer. Because she has long been watched by Riley, who is obsessed with her. Nevertheless, she falls for his charm and discovers her dark side. The book is here.

The newly divorced Cara would never have dreamed of living out her sexual fantasies in a basement. What begins as a fun day with her friends ends in a murder: Ironically, Evan, whom she meets in a sex club, is associated with a former sex partner who was brutally murdered. Between lust and desire, love and obsession, Cara engages in a dangerous (erotic) game with the only suspect. Can she really trust him? The book is here.

Ana Steele is just 21 years old and still a virgin when she meets the attractive Christian Gray - and falls madly in love with him. What begins as a harmless romance quickly turns out to be a wicked and slightly pornographic story between two people who don't just want to sleep together. Instead, the dominant Christian seduces the innocent Ana in his "playroom" in a very special way. And not just in the first volume. The book is here.

Adopted siblings, Dallas Sykes and Jane West are extremely attracted to each other but resist the temptation to fall for each other. While he tries to distract himself with other sexual partners, she keeps his distance - until a bad experience from the past that they had to share together a long time ago brings her dangerously close again. Can you keep your hands off each other this time? The book is here.

Abby is a librarian and longs for a little more action in her everyday life. When she meets the handsome Nathaniel, her prayers seem to have been answered - but unfortunately it quickly turns out that he can and only wants to allow her closeness and affection in the bedroom. And although Abby feels rejected again and again, she falls for him more with every meeting. An odyssey of love, power and passion begins. The book is here.

And in this erotic novel, everything revolves around an attractive man who Tessa Young is hopelessly infatuated with. Although Hardin Scott embodies everything the young woman doesn't seek (or want) she can't resist the bad guy. And it comes as it must: Tessa falls in love with Hardin and turns her whole (ideal) world upside down. The book is here.

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