Ratings: More than four million see Plasberg's farewell

An average of 4.

Ratings: More than four million see Plasberg's farewell

An average of 4.18 million people followed Frank Plasberg's farewell as moderator of the annual ARD annual review quiz. The program "2022 - The Quiz" brought the first on Friday evening a market share of 16.6 percent. So things didn't go quite as well in Plasberg's 15th and last appearance in this role as in the best times of the show.

The annual quiz has long been considered the most successful review of the year on German television. Plasberg's premiere at the end of 2008 was watched by almost seven million people (market share: 22.6 percent). A year ago there were around 5.5 million (20.7 percent) in “2021 – The Quiz”. The 65-year-old Plasberg has meanwhile also handed over the moderation of the ARD talk show "hard but fair".

A significantly larger audience chose ZDF on Friday evening. The crime series "Die Chefin" had 6.31 million viewers (23.0 percent) from 8.15 p.m. Afterwards, 5.19 million (20.0 percent) watched "SOKO Leipzig".

Sat.1 came with the show "Stars in der Manege" to 1.76 million (6.9 percent). ProSieben had the film "Suicide Squad" in its program and got 1.03 million people (3.9 percent) tuning in.

ZDFneo attracted 0.94 million (3.5 percent) with the film "Crocodile Dundee - A Crocodile to Kiss" and Kabel Eins attracted 0.59 million (2.2 percent) with the adventure classic "The Goonies".

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