Problem areas: Optical illusion: With these simple tricks you can hide your stomach

Everyone perceives their body differently: Opinions differ, especially when it comes to the figure.

Problem areas: Optical illusion: With these simple tricks you can hide your stomach

Everyone perceives their body differently: Opinions differ, especially when it comes to the figure. One feels too thin, the other too fat - and quarrels with his small rolls of fat. We should just love each other the way we are, with and without a few extra pounds on our ribs. And even if we would wish for a slimmer center in one or the other outfit, that is by no means a reason to despair. Because, thanks to the fashion industry, there are numerous items of clothing that can hide your stomach and, on top of that, magically shed a few pounds. This means not only the classic shapewear for men and women, but the entire styling. We'll give you a few tips.

1. Shapewear Shapewear (underwear) is an effective tool if you want to hide your tummy. The solid fabric hides unwanted love handles to conjure up a slim silhouette. The practical thing about shapewear is that it is worn under clothing and is therefore not visible. Whether it’s a shirt or body, panties or slips – there’s figure-shaping underwear for every outfit. When buying, however, be sure to pay attention to the size of the clothing: choose your usual clothing, otherwise the material is too tight and puts too much pressure on your skin. This is not only uncomfortable, but can also lead to skin irritation. And another tip: if you want to cover up your lower abdomen, high-waisted girdles are the better choice. If you want to cover the upper stomach, the shapewear should end under the bust.

2. High-waist trousersThey have not only been very trendy for a long time, they also make small rolls of fat disappear: High-waist trousers from brands such as Vero Moda, Khujo, Vila or Zero are, as the name suggests, cut higher and cover not only the waist, but also the lower abdomen. The longer cut will automatically make you appear taller and slimmer. In combination with a loose-fitting top that you either tuck in or let fall over the waistband, you get a beautiful silhouette. On the other hand, you should avoid trousers that only reach the hips and thus emphasize your curves and problem areas more. The same goes for pleats that add unnecessary bulk and accentuate your body at the wrong curves – and particularly tight tops. Rather rely on casual and airy cuts.

3. Colorful patterns Patterns are also a popular stylistic device for concealing the stomach. The most important rule here is: the bigger your figure, the larger the prints should be. So-called all-over prints on shirts, dresses and jumpsuits, which distract from the figure due to the abundance and density of patterns, are also particularly popular this season. The same applies to the combination of two different pieces of clothing with different prints - for example a striped skirt and a blouse with a floral pattern. They distract from your actual problem areas in a fashionable way. Longitudinal stripes also achieve a similar effect: They make the upper body appear longer and therefore automatically slimmer. Horizontal stripes, on the other hand, have the bad reputation of only being suitable for slim people. But that's not true: A single horizontal stripe in the chest area, for example, emphasizes the upper body and conceals the stomach.

4. Dark colorsIt's not without reason that black makes you slim. In fact, dark colors can hide the stomach by absorbing the light and are therefore automatically less noticeable than light colors. As a result, people who wear black dresses appear slimmer than those who wear light colors - because they broaden the appearance. Of course, you don't have to do without colors entirely to look slimmer. Instead, you can, for example, wear a dark piece of clothing with light applications in the shoulder or décolleté area. Or try a high-waisted black skirt or dark gray high-waisted pants paired with a colorful top. However, always pay attention to soft transitions, since strong contrasts apply in turn. And that's not the point.

6. Flattering Cuts Finally, there are a great many cuts that flatter the figure from the ground up. Regardless of whether you want to hide your stomach or not. These include, above all, dresses with an A-line: They are cut in such a way that the fabric protrudes from the body at the sides and thus skilfully conceals small love handles on the stomach. The same applies to empire dresses with a wide neckline that is gathered under the bust - it distracts from the stomach and emphasizes the bust. The same applies to garments that you need to tie or wrap. These cuts always help to emphasize the body in other places and to skilfully conceal unwanted areas.

7. Stretching tops As already mentioned, the tummy can be well concealed with clothing that optically lengthens the upper body. These include above all tops, shirts, dresses or sweaters that have a V-neck or vertical stripes. But button plackets in the middle of the garment or zips can also distract from problem areas. It is particularly important that the fabric does not end above the hips, but below. Alternatively, you can tuck a long top into the waistband, both at the front and at the sides are ideal so that the fabric can still fall loosely. Long blouses and tunics that reach over the stomach are just as suitable for concealing. It is also important that slacks and oversized tops are better suited for smaller breasts and empire lines for larger ones.

7. Flowing fabricsJersey is a popular fabric in the fashion industry, but it has one major disadvantage: it is very thin and elastic - it literally sticks to the body and thus emphasizes unwelcome problem areas. The same applies to cable patterns and knitwear, which are usually very form-fitting. If you want to hide your stomach, it is better to use flowing and smooth fabrics such as viscose or cotton blends that are not bulky. Delicate flounces and ruffles above the navel are also allowed: they distract from the middle of the body. Also make sure that the clothing you choose is matt and not shiny, as reflective surfaces also add to the surface.

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