Princess Kate celebrates her 42nd birthday: will she soon be made a royal lady?

Princess Kate celebrates her 42nd birthday on January 9th.

Princess Kate celebrates her 42nd birthday: will she soon be made a royal lady?

Princess Kate celebrates her 42nd birthday on January 9th. The wife of Crown Prince William (41) will one day be Queen of Great Britain and is already considered one of the most important members of the Royal Family. And as the Daily Mail reports, Kate could expand her position in the monarchy even further in her new year. From a real “promotion” by her father-in-law, King Charles III. (75) is the talk...

It is expected that there will be no big celebration for Kate's special day. "They will be in Windsor as the kids are just going back to school, so it will be just a family," a source told Daily Mail. The mother of three should definitely enjoy that, after all, there has been enough hustle and bustle for her in the past few months. Since the Queen's death in September 2022, she has been even more in focus, has been promoted to Princess of Wales and, like her husband, has to complete more appointments. No matter where the royal family appears, all eyes are primarily on Kate. Now this commitment could be rewarded.

In royal circles, the report says, there is currently a lot of talk about King Charles III. could seal his daughter-in-law's new position in the near future by naming her Royal Lady of the Garter. This is the oldest and highest order of chivalry in Britain, founded almost 700 years ago by Edward III. and is inspired by the stories of King Arthur and the bravery of his Knights of the Round Table.

The appointment would further consolidate Kate's position in the monarchy and place her alongside Queen Camilla (76) and Princess Anne (73). Charles' wife was only accepted into the Order of the Garter at the beginning of January 2022 - at that time by Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022). A great honor that showed at the time how much the monarch relies on Camilla. Charles could now do something similar with his daughter-in-law. "Many senior figures believe that after more than a decade of unparalleled royal service, she deserves her own place in their ranks," wrote the Daily Mail.

There are also talks that Kate could be given the power to determine her own royal warrants for the first time. This refers to the purveyors to the court. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages and allows high-ranking members of the royal family to authorize the use of the royal coat of arms to companies that regularly supply them with goods or services. Holding a Royal Warrant gives companies great commercial prestige at home and abroad.

Insiders believe the value to British businesses of official support from the Princess of Wales would be almost incalculable. “It would be a huge boost for British industry,” one expert is quoted as saying. "Interest would grow rapidly, particularly in areas such as fashion and lifestyle." But Buckingham Palace, Kate's father-in-law Charles, has to decide.