Princess Charlotte: Mini-Kate is eight years old

Before King Charles III.

Princess Charlotte: Mini-Kate is eight years old

Before King Charles III. (74) is crowned, the British royal family is celebrating another day of honor: Princess Charlotte will be eight years old on May 2, 2023. The daughter of Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41) is third in line to the throne - behind her father and older brother Prince George (9), followed by her younger brother Louis (5).

For the princess, the new year of her life begins with a huge event: her grandfather is crowned four days after her birthday. Charlotte will certainly be seen in public that day. Royal experts expect that the heir to the throne, along with their children, will return to Buckingham Palace in a carriage behind that of Charles and Queen Camilla (75). Will the girl then take on the role of the dutiful again? Charlotte has often made sure that her brothers adhere to court protocol when performing. At the funeral of her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), for example, she reminded George to bow in front of the coffin.

She probably copied this discipline from her mother. In many ways, Charlotte is a mini-me of Kate, even if she looks more like the Windsors. But her character traits and interests connect her with her mother. She is said to already have an interest in fashion and love browsing through Kate's extensive wardrobe. Like her mother, she is also interested in photography and is very athletic. She would love to do gymnastics.

But she also spends a lot of time in nature, likes to climb trees and is a little adventurer, as reported by the British "Daily Mail". Charlotte also has a cheeky side, which is why her classmates at Willcocks Nursery School gave her the nickname "Warrior Princess". In public appearances, her cheeky manner already flashed through, for example when she stuck out her tongue at the photographers and squinted at the Commonwealth Games. Incidentally, her parents also have nicknames for their princess: Papa William calls her "Migonette", which means "small and dainty". Kate names her daughter Lottie.

For her seventh birthday, the royal family released cute pictures showing the princess with a gap in her teeth. Princess Kate took the pictures herself.

A lot has changed for Charlotte since then: the family moved to Windsor in the summer of 2022, Charlotte and her brothers switched to the private Lambrook School in the county of Berkshire. She had previously attended Thomas's School in Battersea.

In addition, a sad event overshadowed her eighth year: In September, the head of the family, Elizabeth II, died. This also changed the hierarchy: Charlotte's grandfather Charles became king, her father the heir to the throne. And Charlotte herself also moved up one place in the line of succession.

Her full name is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Wales. Like her brothers, she was born in St. Mary's Hospital in London. A few hours after her birth on May 2, 2015, her parents took her to the numerous photographers who had stationed themselves in front of the hospital. She was baptized on July 5, 2015 at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham. In 2017 she made her first public appearances. At the wedding of her aunt Pippa Matthews (39) in May she acted as a flower girl, in September she traveled to Canada with her family.