Prince George: He's growing more and more into his job

The eldest son of Prince William (41) and Princess Kate (41) celebrates his tenth birthday - and delights the British with his good behavior.

Prince George: He's growing more and more into his job

The eldest son of Prince William (41) and Princess Kate (41) celebrates his tenth birthday - and delights the British with his good behavior. Prince George, who used to be considered very shy, seems to be growing into his big task: one day to become the king of Great Britain.

A lot has happened since his last birthday: he had to say goodbye to his beloved great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), his grandfather Charles III. (74) became king, his papa William advanced to first place in the line of succession, he himself second. The family moved to Windsor in the summer of 2022, with George and his two siblings joining the private Lambrook School in Berkshire. Quite a lot of changes for a little boy - but George seems to have taken it all well. During his performances in the past few months, he seemed like a little pro and mastered the appointments with flying colours. The most exciting part was certainly his role at his grandfather's coronation. On May 6, he wore the royal robes to Westminster Abbey as the youngest of the four page honours, in full view of the world public.

George often seems reserved next to his spirited brother Louis (5) and his self-confident sister Charlotte (8). But Royal experts attest that he is becoming increasingly self-confident. Last week, for example, he delighted at the military air show in Gloucestershire when he confidently shook hands with a member of the Royal Air Force and looked almost statesmanlike. He also looked like a miniature replica of his father in a light blue Ralph Lauren polo shirt, green chinos and brown suede shoes. The visitors had only good things to say about George, as the "Daily Mail" wrote. He's turning more and more into William, growing up and being very polite. "He's a great guy," a close family friend told People magazine recently. Designer Amaia Arrieta, whose clothes the royal kids wear a lot, added: "I think George has had some practice now. You can see he's really grown in it and looks more relaxed than ever."

Of course, this also has to do with the upbringing. George is slowly introduced to his duties and only attends selected appointments. It is important to his parents that he and his siblings can grow up as normally as possible. A lot of sports and exercise in nature are part of it. George is said to be a big tennis fan. He even got a tennis lesson from Roger Federer (41). And at the Wimbledon men's final on July 16, he was visibly in his element and diligently cheered on in the Royal Box. He also plays football and took ballet and skiing lessons from an early age. He also inherited the royal horse fever. He rode the first laps on a Shetland pony belonging to his cousin Zara Tindall (42).

But the future king also has artistic talent. At Christmas 2022, there was a picture of George as a Christmas greeting via Instagram and Twitter. The boy had painted a watercolor of a reindeer for the subjects.

Even if Kate and William want to give their offspring a good childhood - it just can't be completely normal. Her firstborn in particular is under public scrutiny. Even before George was born on July 22, 2013 at St. Mary's Hospital in London, he was considered the most famous baby in the world. Weeks earlier, the first photographers posted themselves in front of the hospital, the whole of Great Britain was in baby fever, and there were wild bets on what the child would be called. Even after that, the hype continued: everything that little George wore sold out within minutes. His career is followed with interest. This also includes the question of whether he will have to do military service after graduating from school. Recently there was speculation in Great Britain that he could be the first heir to the throne in centuries for whom this tradition no longer applies. But the ten-year-old still has a few years left until then.