Preview: TV tips on Wednesday

The love journey in Mexico begins! The new "Bachelor" David Jackson is looking for his dream woman.

Preview: TV tips on Wednesday

The love journey in Mexico begins! The new "Bachelor" David Jackson is looking for his dream woman. 23 single ladies want to wrap Germany's most popular bachelors around their fingers - and show that they bring real dream woman qualities. Who sparks when they meet for the first time? And who has to start the journey home after the first night of roses?

27-year-old Anna (Emma Drogunova) and Jonas (Gustav Schmidt), who is one year older, get to know each other through their university clique. The first attraction leads to an unspectacular one-night stand that seems like the start of an easy summer affair. The encounters between the two are also characterized by a lot of friction and provocation. Then something happens that changes their lives completely: After a party with a lot of alcohol, Anna is raped by Jonas, she says. Anna is traumatized, remembers her "no". Jonas, on the other hand, remembers consensual sex.

Chef and TV presenter Roland Trettl accompanies the hobby and professional chefs through three rounds of culinary delights. Under the motto "Sweet greetings from all over the world", the team cooking starts with aromatic delicacies from all over the world. In addition, the candidates in solo cooking can conjure up a sweet spoon from goat's cream cheese, Parmesan and burrata. In the deciding cooking, it is ultimately a matter of serving a typical Austrian dessert that completely convinces the jury.

Several attacks throw the city of Münster and the church into turmoil. The grave of an ex-gardener was broken open and the bones placed in the famous Anabaptist cages at the Lamberti Church. The group "The Anabaptists", which denounces the mendacity of the church, is committed to the action. But what does this group actually want? And who is behind it? Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink) is amazed when his old college friend, now a priest, calls Gabriel and asks him to clarify quietly who the Anabaptists are and why they desecrated the grave of the long-dead gardener Fredenböck.

After Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) survive the Hunger Games and become heroes of the downtrodden populace, President Snow suddenly changes the rules. In the next games, all previously victorious tributes will compete against each other. There is no escape for Katniss and Peeta either - they must once again face the brutal fight.