Preview: TV tips on Tuesday

A hiker is discovered lifeless in a remote forest area popularly known as the "Murder Hole.

Preview: TV tips on Tuesday

A hiker is discovered lifeless in a remote forest area popularly known as the "Murder Hole." Opposite are the remains of a snowman with one eye missing. This marks the beginning of a series of murders in a wooded area near Freudenstadt. The investigators direct their suspicions at Florentin Sneelin (Florian Stetter), a reproductive doctor who lives in a moated castle in Glatt. It's not just champagne that's stored in its ice cellar. The suspect knew the victim from a previous stay at a children's recovery home. The teachers who looked after the children there enforced discipline and order using sometimes sadistic methods.

Sparkling lights, shining eyes, brilliant performances - circus director Jörg Pilawa is once again inviting numerous stars to the ring of the Munich Circus Krone to delight the audience with breathtaking performances. Sarah Harrison swings on ribbons under the circus dome. Michael Mittermeier saws a woman in half. Cheyenne Pahde floats upside down on a pole. Paul Janke does backflips. Hardy Krüger Jr. masters the “high school” on a white horse. Jeannine Michaelsen makes the audience laugh on the trampoline. Fernanda Brandao dances on a tightrope. And Rúrik Gíslason surprises with a broken hand.

At Lübeck's old town market, a man disarms a patrol officer and takes a young passer-by hostage. Inspectors Finn Kiesewetter (Sven Martinek) and Lars Englen (Ingo Naujoks) pursue the perpetrator into a parking garage. When Lars comes into the perpetrator's line of fire, Finn has to make a split-second decision and shoots, fatally hitting the hostage taker. After this shocking incident, Finn is suspended from duty and stigmatized by the press as the shooter, especially when the hostage surprisingly states that the man had already surrendered before the shot.

The 3 million euro week on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” goes into the fifth round. On five consecutive evenings, Günther Jauch's candidates fight for a place in the final broadcast on the last evening and again for the chance to win the highest prize in the history of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" to clear away.

Shortly after unveiling his latest invention, world-famous scientist Gordon Dunn (Martin Donovan) is found dead. His revolutionary device can record and play back people's memories unfiltered. After Dunn's death, his widow Carolyn (Julia Ormond) withdraws until Sam Bloom (Peter Dinklage) suddenly shows up at her door and claims to be an old friend of her husband. He wants to use the machine to solve the alleged murder, but Bloom also has his own motive.