Preview: TV tips on Tuesday

Joko and Klaas challenge an entire station together.

Preview: TV tips on Tuesday

Joko and Klaas challenge an entire station together. The aim is to stand up to the entire ProSieben universe - everyone is invited to the showdown. ProSieben alone decides on opponents and games. If Joko and Klaas triumph, the broadcaster gives them a 15-minute live slot to freely design. If their employer wins, they must place themselves unconditionally in his service.

At the zoo, Dr. Mertens (Elisabeth Lanz) treating a depressed elephant cow with the chief veterinarian Dr. Elif Sahin (Neshe Demir) together. The different approaches of the two veterinarians become clear - as well as the fact that Susanne first has to get used to not being the boss anymore. The situation is made even more piquant by the visit of Elif's father (Mustafa Avkiran). He finds Susanne Mertens very likeable and, as a former veterinarian, agrees professionally with Susanne. Susanne then also decides to bypass Elif's orders, which leads to a conflict.

A murder without a clue to the perpetrator. Investigators without a hot lead. Relatives who may never know what happened. Sven Voss investigates such cold cases with investigators. Every unsolved case means: The murderer is probably still living among us. But murder does not become statute-barred - and so the perpetrators can still be convicted decades later. What role does Commissioner Chance play?

For more than two years, Arne has been running the "Brikz" restaurant in Berlin-Charlottenburg with a clear goal: the Michelin star. But so far it hasn't worked. Tim Raue shows him how it could work. At the test meal, Tim's answer is obvious. But does Arne agree to Tim's suggestions for improvement? Meanwhile, Katharina is busy with the interior design, because the ambience has to be right for a star.

The trio of investigators Schaller (Alexander Held), Flierl (Bernadette Heerwagen) and Neuhauser (Marcus Mittermeier) are supposed to close a file. They are just explaining to the mother that their son Benno (Richard Ciuchendea) is no longer missing when a shot is fired. Flierl and Neuhauser apprehend the alleged perpetrator. He seems special in every way. He looks like Hollywood star Omar Sharif, successfully hides his identity, escapes from the police station and later even kidnaps Angelika Flierl. Neuhauser and Schaller are alarmed, also because the murder weapon is a pistol from the Bundeswehr.