Preview: TV tips on Tuesday

The forensic phonetician Matthias Hegel (Juergen Maurer) is a luminary in his field.

Preview: TV tips on Tuesday

The forensic phonetician Matthias Hegel (Juergen Maurer) is a luminary in his field. Even the smallest deviation in the sound of a voice is enough for him to distinguish truth from lies and thus convict criminals. When Hegel confesses to a gruesome murder, true crime podcaster Jula Ansorge (Janina Fautz) believes she is wrong and does everything in her power to track down the truth. But with her research she puts herself in mortal danger.

Sebastian Lege knows the tricks of the food industry. He takes some of the most popular sweets and recreates them. In doing so, he uncovers what's really inside. Ferrero's Raffaello appears to be an exclusive and exotic praline. Sebastian Lege demonstrates how inexpensive this snack is made. It also shows how much animal there is in our sweets - and how few vitamins are contained in nimm2 itself.

Triggered by the investigators' interrogations, the four friends remember their own school days, which left deep scars, especially on Miriam (Franziska Weisz). The custody dispute between her and Joachim (Andreas Lust) ends up in court, and Miriam realizes how hard it is to always do the right thing. Doris (Diana Amft) faces her mother and finds out that with a mother like Berta (Jutta Speidel) you quickly reach your limits.

15-year-old Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) has lived her entire life in the frigid wilderness of the Arctic Circle. Here her father Erik (Eric Bana) trained her to survive under the most adverse conditions, completely isolated from the world. The reason: Hanna is supposed to take revenge on his former colleague, the CIA agent Marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett), who murdered her mother many years ago. When the girl turns on a tracking device one day, Erik's revenge plan unstoppably begins to roll. Wiegler sends a special squad to capture the renegade ex-agent, but only Hanna finds it in the forest hideout.

Ironically, the art detective Johann Friedrich von Allmen (Heino Ferch) is staying in a highly posh Zurich hotel when a multi-million dollar dahlia painting disappears from the owner's private suite. What could be more natural for the eccentric Dahlia Gutbauer (Erni Mangold) than to entrust "Allmen International Inquiries" with the discreet recovery? The job promises little good, since the thief is proven to walk over dead bodies.