Preview: TV tips on Tuesday

Werlesiel is a tranquil place on the Frisian coast.

Preview: TV tips on Tuesday

Werlesiel is a tranquil place on the Frisian coast. But the idyll is over when a young woman disappears into the dense sea fog after a night of partying. Policewoman Femke Folkmer (Pia-Micaela Barucki) does not believe in a normal missing person case and starts investigating. Tjark Wolf (Hendrik Duryn) from the Wilhelmshaven detective soon arrives to investigate the disappearance of the unknown woman.

Heat wave in Leipzig. There is a huge rush in the emergency room. Vera Bader (Claudia Wenzel) is brought in dehydrated and confused. Lilly (Mai Duong Kieu) admits Vera to the hospital because her dementia is now far advanced. In addition, the case of twelve-year-old Luis (Maximilian Brauer) keeps the Sachsenklinik team on their toes. Unfortunately, the boy has had biliary atresia since birth, which means that he urgently needs a liver transplant.

The Hitwisser - these are four prominent guessing teams that puzzle over music questions in a private atmosphere and want to win. In the humorous competition for the musical honor, the celebrity hitmakers reminisce on various music themes and share their party knowledge. Not only the celebrities, but also the audience can test their music knowledge and listen to their favorite songs. Grooving and singing along welcome!

The keeper of the imperial seal in Beijing is assassinated by rebels and the seal is stolen. His daughter Lin (Fan Siu Wong) travels to the USA to visit her brother Wang (Jackie Chan), who lives there. Together with Wang's chaotic cowboy friend Roy (Owen Wilson) they want to avenge the murder. Their search for the killer takes them to London, where they uncover a diabolical plot: the British nobleman Lord Rathbone (Aidan Gillen) plans to use his Chinese allies to kill the Queen of England and her family and crown himself king to permit.

The Austrian commissioner Hannah Zeiler (Nora von Waldstätten) and her colleague Micha Oberländer (Matthias Koeberlin) are called to a forester's lodge because of a crime. On site, the two commissioners are presented with a horrific picture. Walls and floors of the house are smeared with blood, forester Garchinger lies half dead and foaming at the mouth in his bedroom. A severed arm, 100,000 euros in cash, a runaway Doberman and the stolen car of a recycling company are further parts of a mystery that Oberländer and Zeiler have to solve.