Preview: TV tips on Thursday

The prominent TV presenter Sandra Berger (Loretta Stern) is dead.

Preview: TV tips on Thursday

The prominent TV presenter Sandra Berger (Loretta Stern) is dead. The gardening entrepreneur Britta Hausmann (Stephanie Gossger) finds the TV lady dead in her Usedom holiday home. Chief Inspector Ellen Norgaard (Rikke Lylloff) is shocked when she meets the dead man's husband, also well-known TV presenter Jonas Gomez (Nikolai Kinski), at the scene of the crime. The two are linked by the well-kept secret of a passionate affair.

Love like in a fairy tale - isn't there? Yes, there is! In "Love is King" there is flirting, dating and kissing - but only with royal permission from the Queen of Love, Olivia Jones. Singles looking for a partner immerse themselves in the glamorous lifestyle of the past - without a smartphone, with communication options like at court. Who takes on the royal dating challenge and manages to find their princess or prince charming?

Fritzie (Tanja Wedhorn) has to rearrange himself after Stefan's (Florian Panzner) cancellation. By coincidence, not only does a new flirt come within reach, but also her dream of crossing the Atlantic. With her vacation request, she meets a stunned Selma (Neda Rahmanian), who has other problems at the moment. In order to equip the school with tablets, she invested donated school fees in high-risk stock deals. But that flies up and ends with Selma's suspension.

In the Hessian community of Langgöns, Hartmut Schütz and his wife Verena run the "Gasthaus Schütz", a traditional restaurant that is over 200 years old. But the rather less traditional cuisine - pizza, pasta and burgers - does not attract enough guests. The cash register remains empty and so Verena's second job in the office has to keep her and her husband afloat. A double burden that leaves its mark on the cook. Can the professional Frank Rosin help the two?

A secret government unit called the "Division" hunts people with psychic abilities. She wants to conduct experiments on them and train them to become perfect soldiers. Nick (Chris Evans) and Cassie (Dakota Fanning) have such paranormal gifts: He can move objects with his mind, 13-year-old Cassie can see into the future. Both despise the "Division" as the agents once killed Nick's father and kidnapped Cassie's mother. Since Cassie had a vision of her and Nick finding a girl who stole a secret drug from The Division, they set off together to find her.