Preview: TV tips on Thursday

Borchert (Christian Kohlund) hates it when someone lies to him.

Preview: TV tips on Thursday

Borchert (Christian Kohlund) hates it when someone lies to him. When he first meets the suspect Xavier Schliemann (David Rott), a childhood sweetheart of law firm boss Dominique (Ina Paule Klink), he has doubts about his honesty. The eloquent diamond dealer still denies that he shot his former business partner Nikol (Jana Podlipná) in a hotel room. Instead of testifying to Captain Furrer (Pierre Kiwitt) as planned, Xavier disappears with the support of his best friend Katharina Kolling (Katja Lechthaler).

Eight-year-old home child Leon (Magnus Alexander Jónsson) urgently needs heart surgery, but is determined not to have it. Dr. Ballouz (Merab Ninidze) and Dr. Schilling (Daniel Fritz) try to establish a connection with him. But Leon trusts no one. The seriously ill Christian (Merlin Leonhardt) hopes for a reconciliation with his brother Ben (Karl Schaper). But after Christian abruptly left the shared organic farm, he refused to make contact again a few years ago.

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After Dom (Vin Diesel) is successfully freed from captivity by Brian (Paul Walker) and Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster), they find themselves on the run in Rio de Janeiro. There they are forced to carry out one last risky action in order to achieve the freedom they long for. As they assemble an elite team of the best racers, they realize they must face an unscrupulous businessman who only wants them dead. But they are not the only ones hot on their heels.

During a bank robbery in Seattle, the robbers take all employees and customers hostage. However, Lorenz (Wesley Snipes), the leader of the gang, expressly demands that he only deal with Detective Conners (Jason Statham). The bank robbers escape and the police officers discover that nothing was stolen, only a single bank safe deposit box was opened. During their investigation they uncover a conspiracy.