Preview: TV tips on Thursday

A hard-hitting action thriller is shown on the evening television program.

Preview: TV tips on Thursday

A hard-hitting action thriller is shown on the evening television program. What happens in front of her window puts the kibitzing grandma Horvath (Inge Maux) in even greater excitement: a driver who stops in front of a person lying on the street is suddenly overpowered and kidnapped by this person. Shortly thereafter, the hostage, 22-year-old Paul Rauch (Julian Waldner), transmitted the demand in a blackmail video: 2 million in 48 hours! The fact that Paul's mother Sonja (Nina Kronjäger) wants to keep the police out as requested brings the special investigators Haller (Philipp Hochmair) and Niko (Andreas Guenther) into play.

"Brilliantly Missing" is back. In the popular comedy guessing show, moderator Hugo Egon Balder asks five prominent comedians curious questions from the field of general education that were sent in by viewers. Michael Mittermeier racks his brains over a Sardinian wild boar, Simon Pearce despairs over boxers from Sylt and Guido Cantz over Hugo Egon Balder. Hobby ornithologist Wigald Boning tries to solve what needs to be solved. As always, excellently dressed and loud voice of reason: Hella von Sinnen.

Tati Meisinger (Anouk Elias) is pregnant with twins, which is why Lena Lorenz (Judith Hoersch) pays special attention to them. But Tati checks himself every hour with a fitness watch and blood pressure monitor. Lena takes Tati's concerns about her health seriously. Apparently, the mother-to-be fears a serious illness or complication behind every nausea. Even her partner Kaspar (Arne Löber) cannot calm her down. Tati's symptoms begin to unsettle Lena.

Early 19th century. Together with her consumptive cousin Luise (Genija Rykova), her friend Lotte (Alicia von Rittberg) and carter Pauli (Johannes Nussbaum), the midwife Gesa (Josefine Preuss) makes her way to the general hospital in Vienna. She manages to be accepted as a guest student at the medical faculty and falls in love with her fellow student Wilhelm (Adrian Topol). But then the two come across a monstrous crime and Gesa's life takes a dramatic turn.

The call girl Lizzy (Jeanette Biedermann) has no idea about the secretary job, even more so about men. But when Lizzy watches the unscrupulous pimp Kante (Dirk Borchardt) commit a murder, her whole life is turned upside down. Her escape leads Lizzy to the LKA, where she accidentally gets a job as a secretary. And so Lizzy fights her way through the pitfalls of her new tasks with wit, charm and a good portion of self-confidence at the side of her new boss Konrad - up to the brilliant showdown.