Preview: TV tips on Thursday

for dr Viktoria Wex (Claudia Eisinger), the psyche consists of explainable chemical processes.

Preview: TV tips on Thursday

for dr Viktoria Wex (Claudia Eisinger), the psyche consists of explainable chemical processes. The brilliant forensic scientist thinks little of psychoanalytic trauma management. When 15-year-old half-orphan Lucja (Irene Böhm) reports to the village policeman Leon (Sebastian Hülk) that her therapist is about to be murdered, Viktoria sees little need for action. However, as predicted, after the Marzanna Festival, the corpse of Dr. Jolanta Wieczorek (Malgorzata Klara) in the nearby lake, where the teenager's mother is said to have committed suicide.

With the loner Walther Senn (Helmfried von Lüttichau), Markus (Sebastian Ströbel) has an experienced "old school" mountain rescuer at his side. Walther should help him to supervise the climate research project of the geologist Tabea Gollini (Anke Sevenich) and her doctoral student Yasin Bardak (Roman Blumenschein). But what Markus doesn't know: Tabea and Walther know each other - and don't like each other. When Tabea decides to walk into the valley after the measurements are complete, Markus Walther sends her along. On the descent, the two bump into each other.

17-year-old Jakob (Constantin von Jascheroff) finds his parents embarrassing, because they run a nudist village. Sabine (Stefanie Höner) and Helmut (Martin Brambach) see it very differently: For them, being naked is the most natural thing in the world. Together with their daughter Rosa (Sarah Kim Gries) they live in the deepest part of Brandenburg, on the grounds of the "Sportverein zur Freiheit", Germany's oldest nudist club. This life, stripped of all clothes, is threatened from one day to the next: The textile entrepreneur Dieter Lohe (Christoph M. Orth) has bought the property.

A plane carrying South American dictator and drug lord Esperanza is on its way to Washington, where he is due to stand trial. But a ruthless terrorist command under Colonel Stuart takes control of the airport and demands Esperanza's extradition. Cop McClane (Bruce Willis), who is just waiting for his wife Holly to land, takes up the fight against the terrorists.

When a nude picture of her daughter Lara (Aleen Kötter) is published on the internet, Charlotte (Felicitas Woll) is shocked. She and her husband should pay 500 euros, then the picture disappears from the Internet along with the humiliating comments. But the photo pops up again, this time on a different website. Money is asked again. Charlotte begins to look for other victims and declares war on the blackmailer.