Preview: TV tips on Thursday

The body of senior executive Thomas Loose is recovered dead from the Rhine.

Preview: TV tips on Thursday

The body of senior executive Thomas Loose is recovered dead from the Rhine. He was apparently very drunk and, according to witnesses, was balancing on a quay wall, from where he fell to his death. Corina Loose (Liza Tschirner) does not believe in the police accident theory - her husband never drank more than two or three beers. A new assignment for Anne Fuchs (Lina Wendel) and Youssef Kilali (Karim Chérif).

It's spinning, guessing and gambling again! With the "Wheel of Fortune" the mother of all quiz shows returns to German screens. Who gets the hang of it and can go home with a cash prize at the end? And who is unlucky and gets nothing? The program is moderated by the likeable duo Sonya Kraus and Thomas Hermanns.

Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl) is confronted with an extraordinary patient. Katja Becker (Elisabeth Baulitz) collapsed on an appointment with her husband on the mountain - and probably not for the first time. Arriving on site, however, Martin has to stop. Because the engineer does not want to be treated by him and is determined to make her way back on her own. She seems to harbor a downright hostility towards the medic. Martin reluctantly has to admit defeat.

Frank Rosin rushes to the rescue of a poorly running business that is actually in a very good position. Andrea Wittekindt calls the star chef for help to save her club restaurant near a Bundesliga soccer stadium. The owner herself cannot understand why the guests are staying away - but the professional discovers some serious problems at first glance. Can he help Andrea's restaurant to shine again?

Hercules (Dwayne Johnson), the son of a mortal woman and the god Zeus, is not accepted by his wife Hera. So he travels the country as a mercenary until Princess Ergenia (Rebecca Ferguson) visits him and asks for help. Hercules should stand by King Cotys (John Hurt) and free his kingdom of Thrace from the tyranny of Rhesus (Tobias Santelmann). Together with his companions, Hercules sets off to go into battle with them.

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