Preview: TV tips on Thursday

A pleasure boat on Lake Constance.

Preview: TV tips on Thursday

A pleasure boat on Lake Constance. Cheerful passengers celebrate at a costume party. Right in the middle Elena Barin (Hayal Kaya) the day before she takes up her post as head of department at the Konstanz criminal police. She's traveling as a tourist - until the moment she notices a gun on a passenger. Robert Böwe (Pascal Goffin), an intensive offender with multiple convictions, has escaped from a Swiss prison and is on the run. When he comes under pressure, he, together with an escape agent, takes control of the ship, crew and passengers.

With prominent and non-prominent guests from various areas of society, Markus Lanz looks back on a year 2022 that was significantly shaped by the war in Ukraine. What does such a crisis of the century mean for the economy, and how has society changed? How did the major sporting events, such as the soccer World Cup, go? What did the third year of the corona pandemic look like?

Divorced advertising executive Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) has a strained relationship with his son, Charlie, who lives with his mother, Laura (Wendy Crewson). When the boy is supposed to spend Christmas Eve with his unloved father, the unbelievable happens: the incumbent Santa Clause falls off the roof, and now Scott is supposed to take over his job. Although Scott initially tries to resist his new calling, the next Christmas must finally be saved!

Jörg Draeger and Daniel Boschmann go all out. They gamble with candidates from the audience for cash and non-cash prizes in envelopes, boxes or goals. Who plays with tactics and skill against the gambler king Jörg Draeger? Who Lands the Big Deal? Who goes home with the Zonk as the most charming consolation prize in the world?

When Anna (Julia Roberts) walks into Scott Williams' (Hugh Grant) bookstore, he's over the moon - because she's a superstar and he's a fan. But when he spills a glass of orange juice on her t-shirt, he's embarrassed. William cannot forget Anna, and when she does call and leave a message asking him to visit her at the Hotel Ritz, William buys flowers and rushes there. But what he envisioned as a one-on-one encounter is something else entirely.