Preview: TV tips on Sunday

Max Winkler, the manager of a pig farm, lies lifeless in the stable.

Preview: TV tips on Sunday

Max Winkler, the manager of a pig farm, lies lifeless in the stable. The body is discovered by two Schoberhof employees, who then inform the authorities. Moritz (Harald Krassnitzer) and Bibi (Adele Neuhauser) arrive at the crime scene, where two Romanian cousins ​​are behaving suspiciously but do not seem to be the perpetrators. Just as the forensic investigators begin to thoroughly search the stable, the automatic stable cleaning is surprisingly activated and destroys the few remaining traces. Little is known about the victim: Max Winkler had plans for expansion and wanted to become the leading player in Austrian pig breeding.

Jantje (Karla Nina Diedrich) and Stefan (Tom Radisch) have the goal of making “Malibu” the best campsite in Germany. When Jantje's sister, the management consultant Merle (Anja Knauer), comes to visit, the perfect solution seems to have been found. Jantje and Stefan need a guarantor for their bank loan, and they are confident because Merle guarantees her support. But she doesn't say that she just wants to distract from her own problems. However, Merle is ready to sign the bond after the campsite has undergone a comprehensive business analysis.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” are tasked with protecting sacred energy cells on the Sovereigns’ home planet. Rocket unnecessarily steals some, triggering the unbridled anger of the people. On their escape they receive unexpected help.

James Bond (Daniel Craig)'s loyalty is put to the test as his superior M (Judi Dench) is in dire straits. A list containing the names of undercover agents in various terrorist organizations was stolen. Now the contents are gradually being published and MI6 is being blackmailed with further publications. The consequences of exposure are deadly. M is willing to go any length to get the list back to MI6's vaults, even if it means sacrificing one of her best agents. Nevertheless, 007 begins his investigation, which soon leads him onto the trail of the shady Silver (Javier Bardem).

Adolf Hitler (Oliver Masucci) finds himself in Berlin in 2014. Since the end of the Second World War in 1945, German society has changed fundamentally. Hitler has to find his way in a world with new internet technology and numerous migrants. Since people mistake him for a comedian, he gains popularity through media appearances. He wants to use this to further pursue his plan for world domination.