Preview: TV tips on Sunday

Saturday game day.

Preview: TV tips on Sunday

Saturday game day. A Saar-Palatinate football derby keeps all the emergency services in Saarbrücken in suspense, including the chief inspectors Leo Holz (Vladimir Burlakov), Adam Schürk (Daniel Sträßer), Esther Baumann (Brigitte Urhausen) and Pia Heinrich (Ines Marie Westernströer). Because after the game, a death is reported from the emergency room. Andreas Schneider (Nils Bannert) collapsed in the emergency room with a skull fracture and a stab wound and could not be saved. It quickly turns out that he spent the "third half" in a field match.

Shortly before this year's jungle crowning, the moderators Angela Finger-Erben and Olivia Jones are celebrating the big countdown party live in the studio with the past three jungle camp winners Evelyn Burdecki, Prince Damien and Filip Pavlovic. Together they take a closer look at the last days of the camp. Who has what it takes for the jungle crown? Everything is analyzed and commented - nothing is left out here!

Maria Ronzheimer (Judith Toth) has brought tons of cats, small rodents and birds into her home, determined to save the animals from the evils of the world - but maybe it's just a way of dealing with the horrors of her childhood. In the parking lot of the Spring supermarket, fate takes its course: Maria slips one of her bags full of animal feed. While collecting the scattered cans on the floor, Leslie, who is reversing on the phone with Ali, hits her and has to go to the hospital. Katja Baumann (Simone Thomalla) takes on the Animal Hoarderin.

Actually, the Manzonis are an almost normal family. If Giovanni Manzoni (Robert De Niro) hadn't been a big hit in the New York underworld and he wouldn't have busted a whole host of rival mobsters. Manzoni and his wife Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) have to flee with their children to the witness protection program in Normandy. However, the family's adjustment to their new surroundings does not go smoothly. Even the tough FBI agent Stansfield (Tommy Lee Jones), who takes over the supervision, cannot prevent the family from falling back into old habits.

After more than two hard weeks in the Australian jungle, the time has come: The big jungle finale is coming up. Each finalist has to prove their jungle qualities in a final test. After that, the viewers will decide which star really deserves the title "Queen or King of the Jungle 2023".