Preview: TV tips on Sunday

The reporter Brigitte Burkhard (Elisabeth Baulitz) is kidnapped on the open street in Dresden.

Preview: TV tips on Sunday

The reporter Brigitte Burkhard (Elisabeth Baulitz) is kidnapped on the open street in Dresden. Her kidnapper, who hides his face behind a mask, sends a video message to the police. The inspectors Karin Gorniak (Karin Hanczewski), Leonie Winkler (Cornelia Gröschel) and their boss Peter Michael Schnabel (Martin Brambach) are confronted with the claim that 150 children kidnapped in Saxony are being held captive in a Dresden cellar. If they are not freed within 24 hours, Brigitte Burkhard must die. The police are feverishly looking for the alleged hiding place for the children. Schnabel soon sees no other way but to turn to the public. The next morning he finds himself in the hands of the perpetrator.

Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson), a once-celebrated presenter, is fighting against falling ratings: the multi-award-winning talk queen is an old hand in show business. But now the signs are pointing to change, which is why the broadcaster is planning a complete makeover. To counteract the end of her career, Katherine quickly hires career changer Molly (Mindy Kaling), who tries to get the deadlocked team back on track.

Captain Max Parger (Florian Silbereisen) controls the "dream ship" together with his crew to Lapland. Also on board are Katja Fehling (Lara Joy Körner) and her 16-year-old daughter Lisa (Johanna Hens). The single mother takes care of her sick child with love and self-sacrifice. So that Katja can relax a bit on the journey, Hanna offers to accompany her. But Lisa's health is getting worse. After collapsing on deck, she examines Dr. Delgado (collius elm-fernandes). She suspects that Lisa is on the wrong medication. But Katja believes that she is in good hands with her doctor.

In the 4 Nations Special 2022, four teams from four countries fight for the title of Nations Champion. The German host team challenges three other teams from Australia, Israel and the USA. Each team consists of seven athletes and is led by a team captain. All teams compete against each other in three different obstacle courses and there in several runs. In round 4, Mount Midoriyama decides who wins.

A teenage girl named "Daughter" (Clara Rugaard) lives in an underground high security bunker and is raised by a humanoid robot named "Mother". The android was developed to repopulate the earth after humanity was wiped out. The special relationship between the two is threatened when a blood-covered stranger (Hilary Swank) unexpectedly appears in front of the bunker's airlock and screams for help, completely distraught.