Preview: TV tips on Saturday

A young man (Rafael Gareisen) is found dead in the park on the Saale.

Preview: TV tips on Saturday

A young man (Rafael Gareisen) is found dead in the park on the Saale. Everything points to a murder. During the post-mortem examination, Theresa Wolff (Nina Gummich) notices that Patrick was born in a woman's body. Only a true surgical marathon had made him physically the man he always felt. Having finally achieved the goal of his transformation, he was forced to die. Was Patrick's difference the reason?

What spectacular peak performances are we capable of - and why is that? What skills can we learn with ambition and practice? And how do ordinary people manage to achieve incredible things in everyday life? Eckart von Hirschhausen shows the miracle that lies within each of us. Two prominent teams also have to shine with their own skills in challenges and games. Whoever wins will be rewarded - it's about 30,000 euros for a good cause. Jorge González, Judith Rakers, Dietmar Bär, Bjarne Mädel, Janin Ullmann and Simone Thomalla will be there.

The solution to the riddle! For five weeks, the hedgehog, the shoebill, Mystica and the terry elephant have kept their identities a secret. Today they finally lift their masks. Which star will be the last to reveal his identity and take over the "Masked Singer" trophy from last year's winner Daniel Donskoy? The actor is a prominent guessing guest in the finale and, together with Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey, is trying to figure out the four masked stars.

Terrorists bring down Air Force One over a forested area in Finland. Thanks to an escape pod, President William Alan Moore (Samuel L. Jackson) survives and is found by 13-year-old Oskari (Onni Tommila). The boy is supposed to pass a test of courage in the forest. But now he must ensure that he and the President survive - because the terrorists are hot on their heels.

Three unsuspecting moderators without a plan, who face new game and quiz rounds with an uncertain outcome: Barbara Schöneberger, Thomas Gottschalk and Günther Jauch dance again on the volcano in three new Saturday evening primetime shows and give everything. Live, without a safety net, without rehearsals, with brains, a good deal of joy in playing and with full physical commitment.