Preview: TV tips on Monday

The founders are going full throttle again.

Preview: TV tips on Monday

The founders are going full throttle again. First and foremost Headwave TAG founder Sophie Willborn The passionate motorcyclist presents her helmet with integrated loudspeaker to the lionesses and lions. Investor Ralf Dümmel tests the helmet, cranks up the music and hits the dance floor. Did the founder strike the right note with her product?

Emma (Juliane Siebecke) and Felix (Benjamin Raue) can't be stopped on their way to Italy, although Felix's heart is getting worse and worse. But he doesn't want to let his girlfriend down. While pursuing the two, Alexander (Sebastian Ströbel) and Elisa (Anna Maria Sturm) gradually become closer. She reveals to him that she herself had a daughter with trisomy 21 who recently died. Meanwhile, Emma and Felix are always one step ahead of them. Cleverly and cunningly they finally manage to get to Emma's grandfather Roberto (Sandro Di Stefano) in Italy.

Dating expert Ralf Schmitz brings lonely hearts together: in eight selection rounds, a single decides which of the ten candidates should be his date. But where the meeting takes place is decided by family and friends. After each round of introductions, they have to hand out suitcases with different dates to the candidates - from popsicles at the gas station, to wellness excursions, to dream vacations in the sun. How well can the relatives assess their single?

The Zambezi is a dream destination for many travelers who want to experience the largest curtain of water in the world: the gigantic Victoria Falls, twice as high as Niagara Falls. With a cloud of spray that can be seen from up to 30 kilometers away. But only if the Zambezi carries a lot of water. Something extraordinary can be found in the Batoka Gorge: a standing wave, but only for ten short days a year. This is where surfers are drawn to, in the heart of Africa, 1,000 kilometers away from the ocean.

A thief (Richard Madden) becomes an involuntary bomber when he steals a woman's bag and later leaves it in a public place. There is an explosion with fatalities. The CIA agent Sean Briar (Idris Elba) takes up the pursuit of the alleged bomber and finally doubts his guilt. He therefore goes in search of those who are really responsible for the attack and uncovers a conspiracy.