Preview: TV tips on Monday

Gundula (Andrea Sawatzki) and Gerald (Axel Milberg) are spared nothing.

Preview: TV tips on Monday

Gundula (Andrea Sawatzki) and Gerald (Axel Milberg) are spared nothing. They've just recovered from their eldest son's failed wedding when an old-fashioned mobile home pulls up across the street from the house. Brother-in-law Hadi (Stephan Grossmann) and his heavily pregnant wife Rose (Eva Löbau) become temporary neighbors. Gundula faces further challenges: As a parents' council, she is to temporarily take over a student theater company with an integration course for migrant children. She still has no idea of ​​the problems she is facing with the spirited students.

This year, the annual Cologne television session can once again traditionally take place in the venerable Gürzenich in Cologne. "Ov krüzz oder quer" is the colorful motto of the anniversary session. Among the guests are Guido Cantz, Bernd Stelter, ventriloquist Klaus Rupprecht with his doll Willi and Achnes Kasulke as a fiddling carnivalistic cleaning lady! Bands like Bläck Fööss, Brings, die Höhner, die Räuber, Paveier, Lupo, Domstürmer and Cat Ballou provide musical support.

Brains are required in this quiz show. Participants do not have to answer any questions, but know the right questions for the answers given and thus fill their account. Who thinks backwards the fastest?

If his sister Waltraud (Irm Hermann) had his way, the wealthy CEO Ernst Schmitt (Götz George) would have long since retired from business life. A serious heart operation was the first warning shot to slow down. Under the pretext of taking a vacation, Ernst sets out with his chauffeur Hubert (Karl Kranzkowski) to secretly check on things in a traditional chocolate factory where he once started as an apprentice: while the driver takes on the role of the extravagant millionaire, Ernst gets a job as a chauffeur in his own factory - and in the process gets to the bottom of the manager's crooked dealings.

East Berlin, summer 1990: Germany is about to be reunified. The socialist dream is being disposed of at a crazy pace. But Alex's (Daniel Brühl) mother Christinene (Katrin Sass), a deserving East German activist and Gorbachev supporter, was in a coma for eight months and slept through the turning point with complete peace of mind. In order to spare her a possible death from a heart attack, Alex revives the GDR on 79 square meters. He quickly realizes that this plan is more difficult to implement than expected.