Preview: TV tips on Monday

Childcare is a constant argument between Nika (Pegah Ferydoni) and Tom (Florian Stetter).

Preview: TV tips on Monday

Childcare is a constant argument between Nika (Pegah Ferydoni) and Tom (Florian Stetter). Until Nika meets the young, likeable Manu (Katharina Schlothauer) on the playground. When she then spontaneously offers to be a nanny, Manu appears to the young couple like an angel fallen from heaven, who improves their overburdened family life in no time at all. But Manu is getting more and more into her family life. When Tom brings Manu home one day, she is attacked by a strange man.

World champion and Olympic champion Kristina Vogel is a guest in the "Lion's Den"! The top athlete who died in a training accident represents the lion together with the founders Dr. Christine Pflaumbaum, Wolf Dietrich Pflaumbaum and Christian Czapek trivida - a divisible wheelchair bike that is intended to make it easier to get into a wheelchair. Will there be a world champion deal?

Arthur's (Jason Momoa) mother is the princess of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Under the guidance of Nuidis Vulko (Willem Dafoe) - a confidant of his mother - the young demi-human grows into a skilled warrior. When his power-hungry half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) declares war on the overworld, his fiancé Mera (Amber Heard) asks Arthur for help. Will they be able to stop Orm?

A young man (David Kross) wakes up on the tracks in a subway tunnel in the middle of the night. He neither remembers his name nor does he know how he got there. When he suddenly discovers himself in a mugshot, he realizes that his life is in grave danger. But there is not much time to think because his pursuers are hot on his heels. He unexpectedly finds a diary written in his own handwriting and apparently the key to everything.

Master thief Tom (Liam Neeson) has found the woman of his dreams and turns himself in to the FBI, but a corrupt agent embezzles the loot and kills a colleague. As a murder suspect, Tom becomes the hunted. He collects evidence against the murder allegations, so his adversary decides to muzzle both Tom and his supportive lover Annie (Kate Walsh). In order to take down his opponent, Tom must earn the FBI's trust.

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