Preview: TV tips on Monday

The Klettmanns seem like a family from a picture book.

Preview: TV tips on Monday

The Klettmanns seem like a family from a picture book. But on Anna's (Maria Simon) 44th birthday, her world collapses completely: Father Peter kills his wife out of the blue and ends up in custody. While Peter's motive is a mystery, the eldest daughter Vivi (Julia Beautx) takes care of her siblings.

After a daring overtaking manoeuvre, the eager banker Oliver (Tom Schilling) ends up in a wheelchair and has been in a rehabilitation clinic ever since. On top of that, the tax office is breathing down his neck and checks lockers in Switzerland for black money. So he decides to go there with a group of people with disabilities to secure his fortune.

In 2029, leader of the human resistance, John Connor (Jason Clarke), wages war against the mighty machine empire of Skynet. He sends his friend Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to save his mother (Emilia Clarke) and to keep humanity alive. But the past as it was no longer exists. Kyle finds a world where man-machine combat seems inevitable.

California is the superstar among the states of the USA: Great scenery on land and in the ocean are the stage for a variety of stars and starlets. The area offers more than 2000 kilometers of coastline, mountains over 4000 meters high, the largest animals, the tallest and the oldest trees in the world. Its natural beauties full of superlatives can keep up with the icons of the dream factory of the so-called Golden State. In "Wild California", the renowned nature filmmaker and marine biologist Rick Rosenthal, four-time Emmy winner, presents his homeland in a way that has rarely been seen before - above and below water.

Holly Burns (Julia Roberts) desperately wants her addicted son Ben (Lucas Hedges) to return to the family. When the 19-year-old shows up unannounced at Christmas, their joy is short-lived, because Ben should stay in rehab over the holidays. His sister Ivy (Kathryn Newton) and his stepfather Neal (Courtney B. Vance) are not very enthusiastic: their memories of what Ben is capable of through his drug addiction are too fresh. But Ben can stay for a day if he strictly follows all the rules.