Preview: TV tips on Monday

Germany 2029.

Preview: TV tips on Monday

Germany 2029. Together with his wife Lucia (Valery Tscheplanowa), the star journalist Johann Hellström (Tobias Moretti) retreats to his fully digitized holiday home on an island in the Baltic Sea. Hellstrom has been banned from working by a populist party in office in Germany and is clinging to the hope of proving his innocence from his exile. When the political situation in the country changes due to a terrorist attack, the house, which is equipped with all the digital refinements, suddenly goes haywire and starts playing its owners off against each other.

The show is dedicated to Günther Jauch's unique career. But this time he is not sitting in the studio as a moderator, but on the candidate's chair! In Günther Jauch's actual seat, Oliver Pocher asks the questions to get to the bottom of Günther Jauch's secret of success. An extraordinary interview, with funny and moving clips, about the milestones of a unique career.

Hardly arrived in the cool Alps, Brunetti (Uwe Kockisch) has to break off his family vacation to solve the murder of a bailiff in hot Venice. The victim was gay, but no one should know about that. Although there are many suspects, the investigator initially lacks a concrete lead. An act related to a relationship cannot be ruled out since the victim had a secret lover, but other indications suggest that the perpetrator could have come from the murdered person's professional environment. Because he knew about an explosive case of corruption in court. Brunetti persists and makes a surprising discovery.

The love experiment comes to an end and the couples face a big decision: marriage or divorce? For some couples, science clearly turned into love. Another couple tries to find each other at the last minute. Will they leave the experiment together or go their separate ways in the future? In addition, not only our singles will be surprised this year! dr Sandra Köhldorfer's dream prince will fulfill her long-awaited wish.

Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) has to watch helplessly as his wife is murdered, after which he is also killed. But with the help of the latest technology, the soldier is brought back to life. Equipped with superhuman powers and abilities, Ray Garrison aka Bloodshot goes on the hunt for the killer. But the mysterious company that resuscitated him has its own plans for his super soldiers.