Preview: TV tips on Friday

Petra Berger is found dead at her dining table - bound and gagged.

Preview: TV tips on Friday

Petra Berger is found dead at her dining table - bound and gagged. In front of her are a pot of tea, a moldy sandwich and a withered apple. The inspectors Heffler (Jürgen Vogel) and Neumann (Aybi Era) also find out that the house was pelted with paint bombs. The victim's hair is smeared with red paint. A ritual murder? Robert is aware that an example has been set here. But why?

What use is the best recipe if the ingredients are missing? Eifel landlady Toni Janssen (Diana Amft) needs the right person for her desire to have children, but who is not supposed to be the man for life. The fact that her "ex" Hajü (Nikolaus Benda) of all people suddenly has hopes again after an alcohol-intoxicated slip up annoys Toni more than the rumors that arise in Mechernich. Meanwhile, the high school teacher Mathias (Hannes Hellmann) and his wife Kerstin (Marion Kracht) rent a room in the Eifel Pension to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary in an unusual way.

After Set (Gerard Butler), the god of darkness, seized the Egyptian throne, the kingdom threatened to descend into chaos. Bek (Brenton Thwaites) is one of the few left standing against the barbarian king. Eventually, he agrees to an unusual alliance: together with the mighty god Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), Bek plans to end Set's reign of terror. A breathtaking battle begins for Bek and Horus.

When his son is murdered by gangsters from a drug ring, the righteous snow plow driver Nels Coxman (Liam Neeson) embarks on a vendetta that nothing and nobody can stop. In doing so, he triggers a gang war between rival drug dealer rings, who suspect their competitors, not him, to be responsible for the murder of their people. Observed with interest by a young small-town police officer who comes across a great many bodies.

When the young restaurant owner Kawakami (Yuho Yamashita) is seriously injured in an attack in front of her house, the inspectors initially suspect an act from the environment of the protection money mafia. But the testimony of Kawakami's neighbor David Bea (Jonas Minthe), who was the only one who saw the attack, leads the investigation in a different direction. Since Bea's statement also turns out to be contradictory, Ina (Melanie Marschke) has the neighbor's surroundings examined - and finds something.