Preview: TV tips on Friday

In Munich, a series of burglaries is causing unrest among the upper class.

Preview: TV tips on Friday

In Munich, a series of burglaries is causing unrest among the upper class. The perpetrators steal works of art, extort account details and safe combinations. Günther Meier was killed in an attack. Vera Lanz (Katharina Böhm) and her team try to uncover the connections between the break-ins. Where did the burglars get precise information about the stolen objects? While Böhmer (Jürgen Tonkel) follows the trail of art objects, Kirchner observes Meier's toxic nephew Adrian (Timur Bartels).

The roofer is herself! That's what farm owner Sophie (Elena Uhlig) thinks when a loose brick falls down. Unfortunately, the aerial repair mission ends with a fall and some injuries. Now of all times, with full occupancy, the guesthouse landlady can only get around in a wheelchair for weeks. In order to provide for her guests, stable resident Barthl (Friedrich von Thun) is forced to step into the breach. For the native Bavarian Grantler, friendliness is just as foreign a word as multitasking. Without me, Sophie thinks, this can't work!

Vortigern (Jude Law), the brother of the powerful King Uther (Eric Bana), treacherously kills his brother and his wife. Arthur (Charlie Hunnam), the heir to the throne, is cast away on a boat and his life is spared. After a carefree childhood, a decisive day comes: he pulls Excalibur out of the stone and begins the fight for the rightful succession to the throne against his uncle.

In Berlin in the early 1930s, the cheerful singer Henny Dallgow (Anna Loos) meets the SPD Reichstag member Albert Goldmann (Jan Josef Liefers), who doesn't seem to suit her. While the dedicated doctor looks after the well-being of workers and the socially disadvantaged, the artist, who comes from a wealthy background, performs in an elegant nightclub. The opposing ways of life exert a magical attraction, but the love between the two gets caught up in the whirlpool of historical events.

Lisa (Franziska Steinhaus) choked on her food due to an insulin overdose. It seems like someone gave her the dose on purpose. Due to constant weight discrimination, Lisa lived largely in isolation. Even her boss, Carola Hermann (Susanne Hoss), didn't want to keep the friendly woman busy. Only the shy Le Duc Chung (Yung Ngo) seemed to have any real interest in Lisa.