Preview: TV tips on Friday

dr Inge Rüders (Tatja Seibt) is attacked at night in Munich's forensic medicine department and knocked down.

Preview: TV tips on Friday

dr Inge Rüders (Tatja Seibt) is attacked at night in Munich's forensic medicine department and knocked down. Does the robbery have anything to do with the case of the unidentified body that Dr. Rüders was working at the time of the robbery? The dead man can be identified as Claus Liebhardt, a former tax advisor wanted for the kidnapping of his son. However, there is no trace of the two-year-old. A race against time begins that leads Vera Lanz (Katharina Böhm) to the Italian mafia and dubious real estate deals.

Just as Blofeld (Charles Gray) is about to create his perfect double, he is tracked down to his hideout by James Bond (Sean Connery), secret agent 007. But Blofeld's end is just the beginning for the super agent: he is given the task of catching a gang of international diamond smugglers. At first this case almost bores him, but the exciting Tiffany Case (Jill St. John) brings variety to his research. Finally he travels to the USA with a coffin full of diamonds.

dr Chris Wegner (Simon Schwarz) works on the attack in the Eifel practice. Meanwhile, Vicky (Jessica Ginkel), daughter of the Röver pharmacist dynasty in Monschau and a nurse by trade, comes to visit her homeland, which she left long ago for Berlin. Vicky, along with Chris and the hospital doctor, Dr. Freiling (Neda Rahmanian) gets to the bottom of her mother's mysterious illness and uncovers a secret that the Rövers have been hushed up for decades.

GDR, 1988: The death of a west tourist in the Harz Mountains makes something unprecedented possible - in times of new political openness between GDR and FRG, East and West are investigating together for the first time. Juliane falls off a cliff and dies. Policeman Karl Albers (Ronald Zehrfeld) has doubts about an accident, ticks "unexplained cause of death" in the report and sends it to the West. LKA investigator Nadja Paulitz (Silke Bodenbender) is sent to the East to investigate with him.

Gentrification forces a young family to move to the countryside. 13-year-old Doreen (Dora Zygouri) is reluctant to leave her familiar surroundings. Family man Rainer (Hanno Koffler) is also struggling. He has to subordinate himself again as a construction worker and earns too little. Time is running out. The bank blocked the account, they still have 30 days to balance the overdraft facility. Rainer is overwhelmed. He lies to his pregnant wife and says that the interview at a company went well, even though he has already been rejected. At the same time, it depresses him that he cannot be there for his daughter.