Preview: TV tips on Friday

Ten-year-old Lea (Moritz Brandt) is looking forward to Tchaikovsky's performance of "Sleeping Beauty".

Preview: TV tips on Friday

Ten-year-old Lea (Moritz Brandt) is looking forward to Tchaikovsky's performance of "Sleeping Beauty". Nobody can dance the princess better than her! However, the trans girl is biologically a boy for the ballet teacher Bettina (Inka Löwendorf) and is therefore not able to play the dream role. For Lea, who makes it clear to everyone that she is no longer Leon and therefore does not dance the prince, a world collapses. When she drives home disappointed from the rehearsal, Nora (Tanja Wedhorn) and Lars (Bo Hansen) almost have an accident with the ambulance.

A dangerous sandstorm arises during a space mission to explore the planet Mars. When the mission is aborted, astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is seriously injured and separated from his comrade while unconscious. While everyone believes he is dead, Watney struggles to survive alone in space. He has to survive four years before the next mission to Mars starts, which is his only hope.

Although he apparently had hardly any income, the FSJler Felix Hubschmied (Lucas Bauer) maintained a high standard of living. Now he's dead. And it looks like he was murdered. For Caspar Bergmann (Thomas Heinze), the case is more than inconvenient. He actually wanted to take a vacation to look after his granddaughter Aurelia (Mara-Sophie Schmidt). Once again he has to reconcile job and family - without his daughter Johanna (Lena Meckel) noticing anything.

The unscrupulous Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant), a former Pentagon security expert, plans on Independence Day on July 4th to shut down all of the country's computer networks and thus paralyze the United States. John McClane (Bruce Willis) is tasked with stopping Gabriel as all other attempts to stop the plot have failed. With the help of hacker Matt (Justin Long), McClane gets to work. A wild chase soon develops, in which McClane's daughter Lucy is also drawn in.

Security guard Rami Al-Rif (Salah Massoud) does not show up for night duty at a software company, his colleague Caro (Mira Elisa Goeres) only finds his car parked in front of the building. But there is no trace of Rami. His wife Samira (Eman Dwagy) believes that his brother Hisham (Yasin El Harrouk) wanted to draw him into his criminal activities. This is supported by the fact that the two brothers had recently threatened the bar owner Jerry Sanders (Lion-Russel Baumann). But that puts the investigators on a different track.