Preview: TV tips on Friday

Psychologist Paul Winter (Christoph Schechinger) and his therapy dog ​​Käthe receive an unusual request.

Preview: TV tips on Friday

Psychologist Paul Winter (Christoph Schechinger) and his therapy dog ​​Käthe receive an unusual request. After being diagnosed with dementia, 79-year-old Christine Saalfeld (Christine Schorn) does not ask for support for herself but for her daughter Marianne (Ulrike Krumbiegel). The elderly woman fears that once the disease progresses from its early stages, her single daughter will become completely lonely. In order to get the dejected ex-actress out of her deep life crisis, Paul sets out in search of a biographical breaking point: the abrupt end of a childhood friendship that Marianne still mourns.

Audrey (Mila Kunis) has just ended her relationship with Drew (Justin Theroux) when he suddenly comes back into her life. When he turns out to be a CIA spy and eventually dies in a shootout at her apartment, her world falls apart. Shortly before his death, he asks Audrey to hand over a USB stick - in Europe. Now it's up to her and her best friend Morgan (Kate McKinnon) to complete the job.

Legal trainee Fabian Schumann (David Vormweg) collapses in the courtroom shortly before a hearing. Chief public prosecutor Bernd Reuther (Rainer Hunold) and his investigators have to clarify the circumstances of death. Schumann was doing his legal internship in the office of Dr. Magnus Strelleck (Frank Vockroth), whom Reuther knows only too well as a lawyer. Forensic pathologist Dr. Sahra Darbandi (Shadi Hedayati) assumes a cardiac arrest as the cause of death. There is evidence of cocaine use.

In 1991, a melting glacier in the Ötztal Alps released the body of a man. At first people thought it was a mountaineer or hiker who had had an accident. But then scientists found out that the man already lived 5,300 years ago: Kelab (Jürgen Vogel) was the leader of a clan in a settlement in the high Alps, where he is also responsible for the cult activities, the focus of which is an object called Tinaka. While he is hunting, the settlement is attacked and burned by three men.

Moritz (Johannes Hendrik Langer) is more than worried. Shyla Bhat (Usha Rani), a good friend from Berlin, stands in front of the door of his flat with her little daughter Charu in her arms and collapses. Apparently, Shyla was being held captive and drugged at a nearby boarding house. How did she escape? And could the case have something to do with Loris Kisslinger (Tobias van Dieken), Shyla's ex-boyfriend and father of Charu, who has been in hiding for weeks?