Practical guide to hit with sunglasses this season

No one questions the power of accessories to revitalize any type of look, regardless of one's tastes.

Practical guide to hit with sunglasses this season

No one questions the power of accessories to revitalize any type of look, regardless of one's tastes. In any self-respecting trend dressing room, there is no shortage of pieces of jewelry (or costume jewelry), belts, bags, hats and of course, sunglasses. The latter, although they are essential all year round, in the spring-summer season, even more so. And it is that they are capable of hiding dark circles that day that one does not wake up with a very good face, as well as giving a sophisticated finish to the outfit, or transforming it into a bet from 'remarkable' to 'outstanding'.

Finding the model that best suits your features and the way you dress is key to achieving that renewing effect on a day-to-day basis.

For all those who are a little lost in the matter, there are several very suitable styles to give a touch of distinction to even the simplest outfits and that are shown below.

- Futurists. Everything that was successful in the late 1990s and early 2000s is now synonymous with success, and these types of models were among the favourites. The elongated sides, multicolored crystals and the mirror effect are some of the brushstrokes that can be found in this type of frames that do not fail.

- Seventies. Another type of cut that is a success and continues to be a trend. Both tortoiseshell and pastel frames are worn in uniform finishes that help make them look more striking. The sinuous forms are a success.

- Cat eye. In the fifties they became popular, to be seen again with great force five years ago, and since then they have been confirmed as an essential in the wardrobe of those who know the most about fashion.

- Colorful. In winter it has become clear that monochrome looks have been a growing trend. For those who continue betting on this type of outfit, as a differentiating detail, it is very appropriate to include an accessory that breaks and with which a contrast is formed, and that is where the glasses play a crucial role. Acetate frames in bold colors are paired with colored lenses, from green to blue, to create striking pieces that turn heads.

- XXL and XXS. Perfect for not worrying about the outfit, as they will take center stage. In addition, they are so versatile that they can be easily worn all year round.

- Eclectic. The demand for comfort is increasing and almost transparent designs are becoming a trend, models that combine vintage shapes with more modern ones and in which certain masculine touches make an appearance.

If you have an oval, the range of possibilities is very wide, since this type of physiognomy admits practically all shapes. For rectangular faces, cat-eye frames are very suitable, while for round faces, square frames are synonymous with success; In both cases, in addition to adding drama to the look, the features will be balanced.

As for the hair, if you have short hair, the XXL are perfect to highlight the cut, and create a contrast with the length of the hair, while if it is longer you can play with the size and make the contrary.

But that is not all. Color morphology also plays a role. «If brunettes admit practically all colors, blondes have two possibilities: either sweeten the features with crystals in pastel colors, or harden them with designs in which the frame and the crystal are the same color (and paste if possible) », explains the stylist and CEO of CoolHunting Madrid Comunicación, Jesús Reyes.