Pop icon: what does Nina Hagen actually do?


Pop icon: what does Nina Hagen actually do?

Ms. Hagen, how are you? Great! I'm a new grandmother and I'm in love with our child! I want to get rid of famine in the world right now, I've always wanted to do that, but how do we go about it?

It's inconceivable that you don't have an idea for this. It won't work without a peaceful, love-driven revolution. Women of the world, unite!

Hagen, born in East Berlin in 1955, has been one of the most dazzling German singers since the mid-1970s. As an actress, she took part in productions in the GDR, later in films by Otto Waalkes ("7 Dwarfs"), among others. Her mother was the actress Eva-Maria Hagen, who was once expatriated by the GDR regime because of her partner Wolf Biermann, also Nina. Hagen's daughter Cosma Shiva is an actress, her son Otis is a DJ. Hagen will release a new album in December.

And then? Let's go on general strike, we'll just stay in bed. We remind the world's ultra-rich of their role model function, finally paying taxes appropriately. And we encourage the arms industry to continue their education: Produce something useful! Best for the hardware store.

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