"Police call 110: abyss": How will the new thriller from Brandenburg be?

It is only the second case of the new Brandenburg "Police Call 110" team.

"Police call 110: abyss": How will the new thriller from Brandenburg be?

It is only the second case of the new Brandenburg "Police Call 110" team. And at the same time the last in the current cast. After leaving Maria Simon (46) aka Commissioner Olga Lenski in 2020, her long-term partner is now leaving. Adam Raczek (Lucas Gregorowicz, 46) leaves his new partner Vincent Ross (André Kaczmarczyk, 36). Gregorowicz announced in June that he would soon no longer be part of the crime series. According to rbb, the separation took place at their own request.

Without revealing too much in advance: With the "Polizeiruf 110: Abgrund" (Sunday, December 11th from 8:15 p.m. in the first) the creators managed a real finale furioso. You had never seen Gregorowicz as Adam Raczek so convincing, so moving and so present. A farewell that hurts: In this form, the outgoing investigator will be difficult to replace.

The Polish geologist Magdalena Nowak is found dead in a forest near the village of Fehlow on the edge of a former lignite mining area - apparently suffocated with a plastic bag. Detective Chief Inspector Adam Raczek and Detective Inspector candidate Vincent Ross can initially rule out a sex crime. But why was the young woman alone in the forest in the middle of the night? According to her friend Tom Grabowski (Patrick Kalupa, 43), Magdalena wanted to go to her camper. She has only lived here for a short time and is working on a soil survey for the renaturation of the former mining area, which is to be opened up for tourism.

The investigators learn from the head of the project, Kristin Bredow (Annika Kuhl, 50), that one of the largest artificial lakes is to be created here. For the residents, a lot therefore depends on the report. Did someone want to influence the results? The longtime pastor of Fehlow, Simon Bredow (Steven Scharf, 47), who has been caring for the shrinking community for decades and knows everyone in the village personally, cannot imagine that Magdalena had to die because of it. When another body is found in a landslide not far from the first crime scene, Raczek and Ross must find out if there is a connection between the crimes that took place far apart in time.

Is the perpetrator still active? Knowing that they can only solve the case with quick results, the two detectives focus on the residents of the village. They want to put the perpetrator under pressure with their presence and take quarters in Fehlow. The investigation is extremely challenging for Raczek and Ross, and Raczek ultimately makes a decision with far-reaching consequences.

Absolutely, "Abgrund" is probably the best "Polizeiruf 110" with Lucas Gregorowicz. As a farewell, the makers have chosen a classic crime thriller that promises 90 minutes of suspense. Several plot twists repeatedly lure the viewer down the wrong track. The audience accompanies the inspectors on an exciting roller coaster ride through a small village, where many are possible perpetrators and some are confronted in the course of the investigation with transgressions and crimes that they have been able to keep under the carpet for years.

Of course, the role of Gregorowicz stands out. Disillusioned with police work, he racks his brains about the meaningfulness of his existence and is so beside himself that he can no longer control his outbursts of anger and overstepping boundaries. A seasoned policeman who threatens to fail or has already failed? The end of his "Polizeiruf" engagement is also wonderfully woven into the case and impressively illustrates the felt powerlessness and powerlessness that has long broken out in his head.