Pets: Pet hair remover: How to get rid of dog and cat hair in your home

Regular grooming is essential so that your pet doesn't even have the opportunity to generously spread its hair on your upholstered furniture and textiles.

Pets: Pet hair remover: How to get rid of dog and cat hair in your home

Regular grooming is essential so that your pet doesn't even have the opportunity to generously spread its hair on your upholstered furniture and textiles. But even if you brush or comb your dog or cat regularly, the four-legged friends will continue to lose hair. To remove these quickly and effectively, a mechanical or electric pet hair remover can be very helpful. In the following we will present different models and alternative methods in more detail.

Regardless of the material the pet hair remover is made of, the function is always the same: whether it is a roller or a brush – to remove your four-legged friend’s fur from clothing or home textiles (such as pillows or blankets), upholstered furniture or carpets, the exquisite model above rolled or brushed back and forth to the desired surface. The loose hair sticks to the pet hair remover and can then be disposed of. Either by hand or directly in the trash can. Which device is best for your pet, more precisely your household, depends on various factors. To make your choice easier, various pet hair removers are presented in the next paragraph.

1. Pet hair removerWithout electricity, a classic pet hair remover uses electrostatic attraction to remove fur residue from furniture and clothing. It doesn't matter whether you have a dog or a cat, a guinea pig or a rabbit - the device does not distinguish between the hairs. The biggest benefit of this type of pet hair remover is that it cleans itself. Regardless of whether there is a lint roller or rubber roller in it. After you have cleaned the desired surface, the fur residue is collected in a chamber and can be disposed of.

2. Lint brush Depending on the manufacturer, a lint brush is made of microfibre or velour, plastic or nylon. What all models have in common is that they have a flat surface: This means that animal hair and fluff (according to the manufacturer) can be easily removed from clothing, furniture and car upholstery. However, it is important to note when using the lint brush that the lint brush may only be guided in one direction - otherwise it will release the collected hairs back to the surface. The special feature here is the reusable system, so you don't have to produce any waste.

3. Lint rollerThe lint roller is also a popular means of removing pet hair. There are ordinary models that remove small fluff from textiles with the help of sticky paper. However, most devices fail because of large amounts of fur - for this reason, according to the manufacturer, this pet hair remover has a high adhesive strength. The XL version with 56 sheets is suitable for large areas such as upholstery, bed covers, carpets or car interiors. The only downside: the leaves end up in the garbage after use and have to be replaced.

4. Glove There are special gloves that work as pet hair removers - and can also be used to brush your pet. One side is usually made of rubber or silicone, and there are also small nubs on it that make it easier for dog and cat hair to catch in it. They also have a massaging effect. The other side of the glove is made of velor or microfiber: This should make it easier to remove animal hair from clothing, upholstered furniture and textiles. You can use both sides to remove and dispose of the hair in the trash afterwards.

5. Vacuum (Electric) There are pet hair removers that are electrically powered, like this Bissell cordless handheld vacuum. According to the manufacturer, the motorized brush roller ensures a thorough result. There is also a special grout attachment that allows the device to reach even hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces. With the upholstery attachment, on the other hand, soft surfaces and furniture should also be able to be easily cleaned of animal hair. The disadvantage of this technology is that the hand vacuum cleaner only has a running time of 15 minutes, but it has to be charged for up to five hours.

Of course, there are also alternative ways to remove animal hair from your clothing and upholstered furniture – without using one of the five devices mentioned. The most well-known methods include these:

Pet hair nozzle for vacuum cleaners Many new vacuum cleaners come with a special clip-on animal hair brush included in the scope of delivery. However, if you do not need a new device, it is much cheaper if you simply buy the brush attachment separately. Thanks to the rotating brushes or double thread lifter, it removes animal hair more effectively than a conventional vacuum cleaner attachment. When buying, however, pay attention to the compatibility: not every attachment is suitable for every device. This brush attachment, for example, fits (according to the manufacturer) on all vacuum cleaner brands with a round connection pipe. For example AEG, Miele, Siemens, Bosch, Privileg, Progress, Philips, Kärcher and Severin.

Gadgets for the washing machineAnimal hair sticks to clothing so strongly that even going through the washing machine is of little use - quite the opposite: the hair even spreads over the rest of the textiles. It therefore makes more sense to roughly remove fur residues from dirty laundry in advance. On the other hand, you can put so-called laundry balls or filter bags in the machine. The manufacturer promises that they should be able to remove dog and cat hair from clothing. Or at least part of it. New washing machines, on the other hand, often already have their own pet hair removal washing program (identified as "Pet Hair Removal") that is supposed to clean infested textiles even more thoroughly.

Animal hair brushes for the carDog owners know the problem: Due to regular transport, tufts of hair collect in the car, mostly in the trunk. Ordinary animal hair removers can be used to remove these - but a special brush with rubber bristles for textile surfaces should be more effective here. It protects the material and can be easily cleaned. Alternatively, there is also a so-called miracle brush, which, unlike other models, has curved special bristles that (according to the manufacturer) should easily remove animal hair in the car. It can also be used in the household, for example to clean upholstered furniture and carpets, dog and cat baskets or a scratching post.

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