Perfume trends: A touch of vanilla: These fragrances exude floral aromas

Vanilla smells sweet and mild.

Perfume trends: A touch of vanilla: These fragrances exude floral aromas

Vanilla smells sweet and mild. No wonder it is also known as the "Queen of Spices". But the regent is not only staying on her throne in the kitchen. Also as Odeurs it enjoys great popularity. In combination with other ingredients such as sandalwood or liquorice, cocoa or coconut milk, cinnamon or cardamom, cedar wood or tonka beans, pleasantly warm smells are created that are equally suitable for men and women. Depending on how many components a bottle contains, the popular spice spreads a subtle to intense aroma. For this reason, we are presenting different scents that smell like vanilla below.

1. Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier's "Eau Gourmande Vanilla" is described as an oriental fragrance for women. More precisely, it is an eau de toilette (à 50 ml), whose top note is vanilla, and the heart note smells of lily. The base notes, on the other hand, are composed of these spices: vanilla, sandalwood, musk and amber.

2. Goutal Paris 

The Eau de Toilette "Vanille Exquise" (100 ml) by Annick Goutal exudes a woody fragrance composed of vanilla and angelica (top note), almond and benzoin (heart note) as well as sandalwood, musk and gujac wood (base note). The result is "a sensual vanilla absolute for women," at least that's what the manufacturer claims.

 3. Serge Lutens

The Collection Noire "Un bois vanilla" by Serge Lutens is labeled as a classic men's fragrance (50 ml). The Eau de Parfum is described as oriental, fresh and floral and, in addition to the top note vanilla, is made up of the following "ingredients": sandalwood, liquorice, cocoa, wood, gujac wood, honeycomb (heart note) and sandalwood, pepper, almond, tonka bean, coconut (base note).

4. Bettina Barty

"Vanilla" (50 ml) by Bettina Barty is significantly cheaper to buy - but that doesn't make it any less intense, quite the opposite: the smell is only for true vanilla lovers. The eau de toilette gets its typical scent from the top notes: bergamot, clove and cinnamon. The heart note is rounded off with jasmine, rose and cedar wood, vanilla, musk and amber.

5. Van Cleef

The Collection Extraordinaire "Orchidée Vanilla" (75 ml) from Van Cleef

Extra tip: If you want to wrap your whole body in a sensual vanilla aroma, you don't have to resort to expensive perfume. Instead, there are so-called body sprays for this purpose, such as that from Victoria's Secret: "Bare Vanilla" (250 ml) is the name of the Fragrance Mist - a gourmand-sweet scent that should be evenly distributed on your skin.

Do you know how the top, heart and base notes of perfumes differ? In case you don't know the answer, here's a quick attempt at an explanation: they tell you when a fragrance smells what when you apply it. We notice the top note first when we apply a perfume. After the initial smell has dissipated after ten minutes, the heart note follows - and stays on the skin for a few hours. The base note is what smells the longest and stays on clothes for days.

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