Perfume: Citrus scents put you in a good mood in winter

Fresh and revitalizing scents aren't just for summer wear.

Perfume: Citrus scents put you in a good mood in winter

Fresh and revitalizing scents aren't just for summer wear. Perfumes with citrus notes are a real insider tip for winter. They are perfect for raising our spirits by enveloping us in a cloud of summer fragrance on cold, gray days. The mood-boosting fragrances harmonize wonderfully with the currently prevailing dopamine dressing trend and provide an additional good mood boost.

Perfumes, eau de toilette and body sprays with sparkling citrus notes are all the rage. The scents often come with top notes of lime, tangerine or orange. Bergamot is also a frequently used fragrance note in women's and men's perfumes. Other ingredients of citrus fragrances can be the following components: orange blossom, grapefruit, bitter orange, yuzu, lemon, lemon blossom, lemon grass, lemon wood, lemon verbena.

The best way to find your new favorite scent with a citrus note is to seek advice from a specialist shop. Here are some clues from the world of royals and celebrities:

According to reports from fashion and beauty magazines, Jo Malone's "Orange Blossom" perfume is said to be one of Princess Kate's (40) favorite scents in everyday life. It is an invigorating scent of clementine and orange blossom, water lily and base aromas of orris root and vetiver. A fresh scent reminiscent of a warm summer day.

The favorite perfume of Letizia from Spain (50) should also contain a citrus note. According to media reports, she loves the perfume "Eau du Soir" by Sisley. A blend of tangerine, grapefruit, pepper with middle notes of lilac, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, iris and juniper and base notes of musk, amber, oakmoss, patchouli and cistus.

A fragrance from France with history - for those who like it a little simple and don't want to dig so deep into their wallets: The Eau de Toilette from the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Ganagobie uses the ingredients of lemon verbena, which are responsible for a fine , long-lasting scent of lemon. The French Benedictine abbey has been known for its manufacture of personal care products for decades.

Citrus scents are not only popular in the European royal families. Model Kate Moss (48) also swears by fresh, invigorating notes in her favorite perfume. According to "Vogue", the British woman has allegedly been wearing Clarins' "Eau Dynamisante" for years and always has a bottle of it in her handbag. The scent is composed of lemon, orange, coriander, clove, rosemary and patchouli.