Perfume and eau du toilette: This is how men smell in 2022: ten trendy fragrances for discerning men

All those who sat alone in their home office and still put on their perfume in the morning reached the peak of self-love during the lockdown.

Perfume and eau du toilette: This is how men smell in 2022: ten trendy fragrances for discerning men

All those who sat alone in their home office and still put on their perfume in the morning reached the peak of self-love during the lockdown. Smelling good and only for yourself and not for others is probably the most generous act to seduce yourself and proves the power inherent in an enchanting fragrance. In the meantime, those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered and those who have been tested are going out again and off to the bar, the restaurant, the club.

We are in contact with the world again and the world is in contact with us - with all our senses. That's not always a good thing. Especially when our olfactory organ is used to the scent oasis at home and is suddenly exposed to a mix of alcohol and sweat. Only a unique fragrance fights against it and that lies dormant in the ten trend fragrances for men in 2022.

Jimmy Choo's standard fragrance for men needs a self-confident character as a wearer. The reason for this is the very woody note of the eau du toilette, which, by the way, goes perfectly with all seasons of the day. The fragrance is only suitable for late hours when you are spending a cozy evening with friends. Anyone who goes to a party should rather use a long-lasting perfume and not an eau du toilette, because its effect wears off too quickly.

A wonderful autumn fragrance for men that lasts particularly long is Kalan from the Parisian perfumery company Parfum de Marly. Incidentally, the fragrance is named after one of the most famous horses from the stables of Louis XV. Kalan's power and speed helped him achieve that fame. Because of its longevity, the fragrance is particularly suitable for applying at night at a party or in the club - but rather in posh establishments where charismatic men conquer the night.

Named after the Greek god of lustful love, Eros by Versace is aimed at sensual men. Above all, the scents of tonka bean and amber underline the claim of a covetous lover. Mint and lemon give Eros a pleasant freshness that symbolizes the wink of love. For men who know what they want but don't always take themselves too seriously.

When is a man a man? Probably only when he no longer chases after clichéd masculinity and no longer feels compelled to flaunt it too clearly. Unfortunately, this only succeeds when he knows how to impress with his charm and his elegant restraint. In 2022, however, this realization still doesn't seem to have reached the minds of men, or they simply lack charisma and elegant restraint. Even today, the (supposedly) stronger sex competes in the Howler Monkey Club for the most embarrassing appearance – an unbuttoned satin shirt and a vodka bottle in an ice bucket send their regards.

But it doesn't have to be. A particularly noble unisex fragrance is recommended to all men who have already arrived in the new millennium. You can find him in Creeds Millesime for Women

Of course, Chanel should not be missing in a list of trend perfumes. An all-time classic from the luxury brand is its perfume Bleu. It is a fresh, woody scent that is perfect as a daytime perfume.

Sauvage by Dior is less a trendy fragrance than much more of a classic that never disappoints. Few fragrances can be used as universally as the signature perfume from the French premium brand. When creating the fragrance, François Demachy was inspired by the dusk of a desert. That magical moment when the heat of the day gives way to a cool night. The result is an elegant and timeless mix of bergamot and vanilla in the top note, which can be worn day or night and at any time of the year. A must have in the modern man's fragrance cabinet.

Rum in hand, cigar in mouth and sitting in a deep leather armchair - that's the essence of Martin Margiela's Replica Jazz Club. Inspired by a New York jazz club, Margiela designed this high-quality eau du toilette. Although the scent is woody, Replica Jazz Club seduces the nose with lemon, pepper and nerol in the top notes. Tobacco and vanilla dominate the base note. A must for every stylish jazz lover who wants to breathe in the lifestyle of his favorite music everywhere.

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren is one of the staple fragrances in every man's perfume closet. The Eau du Toilette impresses with its puristic bottle, in which a woody, fruity scent slumbers. Tonka bean meets patchouli as a base note. The top note, on the other hand, is fruity and offers the nose a mix of mango, tangerine and lime. Sage and sandalwood round off the fragrance in the heart note. This makes Polo Black a versatile all-rounder that feels particularly comfortable in the dark season.

A perfume like a late afternoon stroll in the woods of Tuscany is Roman Wood by Ermenegildo Zegna. This fragrance reminds its wearer of late summer and invites you to feel the warm rays of sunshine on your skin one last time. For autumn and winter, the scent may not be heavy enough for one or the other. This is especially the case when the weather is rather dreary and cloudy. On a sunny winter's day, Roman Wood by Ermenegildo Zegna exudes a fresh lightness that many people long for so much in the dark months.

At the end of the ten trend fragrances 2021 for men, a classic has to serve: Burberry for Men. As usual for the British luxury brand, the Eau du Toilette is a noble fragrance for the day. It's the freshest scent on the list, featuring notes of lavender and mint. Burberry for Men is more of a day perfume for spontaneous men who want to be prepared for all eventualities after work or a trip without putting on a scent that is too obtrusive.

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