Pennsylvania hunters picked 3,608 black bears throughout 2020 season

Pennsylvania hunters may not have earned as many bears as a year ago, but they nevertheless had a pretty good bear searching season.

Pennsylvania hunters picked 3,608 black bears throughout 2020 season

In fact, the 2020 season was the sixth-best crop in the nation's foundation, the Pennsylvania Game Commission said Tuesday.

As stated by the commission, Pennsylvania hunters shot 3,608 black bears throughout the 2020 season. Though that amount is 20% lower than the 2019 year -- when hunters harvested 4,653 black bears -- the 2020 season is Pennsylvania's second-highest harvest over the previous five decades.

The Pennsylvania bear archery year proved to be a particular success, which saw a record harvest of 948 bears, in comparison to the former record of 561 bears, which was put in 2019. The 2020 bear archery season failed to have an extra week in contrast to previous years, the Pennsylvania Game Commission noted.

Meanwhile, other endure seasons saw declines in the 2020 harvest, according to the commission.

The two-year-old muzzleloader/special firearms seasons just needed 1,038 black bears harvested, compared to 1,340 in 2019 and the general firearms seasons had just 1,170 black bears compared to 1,629 in 2019.

The most inconsistent season was the extended period harvest, which only saw 432 bears harvested, compared to 1,117 bears in 2019.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission said it is normal to see abrupt fluctuations in harvests from year to year because of"drop food availability, weather and hunter activities."

"It is the character and reality of bear hunting."

The Pennsylvania Game Commission also reported that the most significant bear harvested during the 2020 season proved to be a 719-pound male which was taken with a crossbow at Fulton County in November.

The greatest bear to be hunted in Pennsylvania's history was an 875-pound bear that was chosen in 2010 in Pike County.

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