Pastime: Fun and games: You can keep your child busy at home with these creative ideas

Anyone who has children is not the first to ask themselves what employment opportunities there are at home.

Pastime: Fun and games: You can keep your child busy at home with these creative ideas

Anyone who has children is not the first to ask themselves what employment opportunities there are at home. Bad weather, especially in autumn and winter, calls for creative ideas to keep children busy indoors. Anyone who currently spends a lot of time within their own four walls needs inspiration for creative activities. The following ideas can become a nice pastime for the whole family.

What could be nicer than listening to exciting stories or music? Parents and children can enjoy music and radio plays alone or together with the popular Tonie-Box. Operating the small speakers is child's play, because the little ones only have to place a magnetic figure on the box and it starts by itself. Even the little ones quickly understand the mechanism and can play music or radio plays on their own. If you don't have any Tonie hearing figures at home yet, you could start with a classic like the "Jungle Book".

Reading aloud is also very popular and anyone looking for recommended children's books should read "The Owl with the Bump" to small children. There are also exciting interaction books for older children. With this book tiptoi "My Big World Atlas" children from the age of five can playfully discover the world by seeing, hearing and exploring.

Playing together is fun and promotes community. Small children in particular need more supervision and demand entertainment. Fortunately there are numerous board games for children. An absolute classic is the game "Orchard" — It is practical that there is both a version for children from the age of three and a game for smaller children from the age of 2.

This classic children's game requires dexterity: In "fish fishing" the little ones are given a magnetic fishing rod with which they can fish small fish out of an aquarium.

When the children grow up, board games for the whole family are recommended, such as the association game "Dix it", which is suitable for children from the age of eight and requires a lot of creativity.

Who remembers their first grocery store? Children love to play vendors themselves and sell fruit and vegetables to the whole family. A beautiful wooden shop is a great activity for indoors, which is guaranteed not to get boring and provides plenty of interaction for the whole family. Of course, the shop also has to be filled with goods and food made of wood is best. If you have insensitive hearing, you can also make your offspring happy with this small children's cash register including a card reader.

It is not for nothing that Lego has been one of the absolute classic toys for generations. Hardly any other toy is so versatile and equally popular with small and large children. There is Lego Duplo for the younger ones and Lego for older children. Well known is the "Ninjago" series from Lego, like this construction set with a ninja vehicle. A basic set of building blocks is suitable for the little ones, with which they can experiment themselves.

Tip: Adults also get their money's worth with Lego. If you are looking for a job, you could try your hand at building Lego's Millennium Falcon with your kids.

But children can not only build their own world with Lego, but also with exciting magnetic toys. This game consists of magnetized sticks and metal balls that children can use to create their own structures creatively.

Painting with bright colors and thinking up your own motifs encourages children's creativity. Whether free painting with pen and paper, or the popular "painting by numbers", it requires concentration and fine motor skills. The latter in particular is very well suited as an activity for children because they have to focus on numbers and motif at the same time — in this way numbers can be learned in a playful way.

It can be painted not only on paper, but also on the window panes. Of course only with a washable chalk pen, so that the parents can also enjoy the children's work of art. Chalk pens with a stencil set are best, because they give the little ones some help with drawing. If you have several children, you should also buy chalk pens, most of the time there is only one pen in the set itself.

In this tingle block you will find templates for tingling and coloring. Equipped with a small prickling needle and a felt pad, children can choose their own figures, punch them out along the dotted lines on the prickling pad and color the pictures. This is not only fun, but also trains fine motor skills and concentration.

Making your own little things is also fun because the making process is not only a pastime, but there is also something new to play with at the end. You could make autumnal decorations together with your family to match autumn. This creative handicraft bead set, for example, is suitable for this.

You can even carry out small experiments at home with your children. With the help of this experiment set, children from the age of eight can make their own bouncy balls that even glow in the dark.

Even the most creative and active parents eventually run out of ideas and so watching films or playing games together can definitely be on the agenda. The Nintendo Switch is considered a family console because popular games like Nintendo's "Mario Kart" never go out of style. It should be popular with both the older and younger generations and the multiplayer mode makes it easy to play together.

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