Outdoor Sports: Kubb, Croquet, Spikeball: Eight cool outdoor games for young and old

"Dad, I'm bored" is probably one of the most common sentences that many fathers have heard from their children in the past few weeks and months.

Outdoor Sports: Kubb, Croquet, Spikeball: Eight cool outdoor games for young and old

"Dad, I'm bored" is probably one of the most common sentences that many fathers have heard from their children in the past few weeks and months. Day-care centers and schools are completely or partially closed, the weather is mixed – just like the mood of young and old. When the puzzle has been completed for the fifth time, the Lego minifigures are lined up in the children's room and the doll's pram has hot wheels from the wild tours through the apartment, fresh air is needed. And because every stone is known on the playground around the corner, it's time for new challenges. The following outdoor games are fun for young and old. Yes, it's also about arousing the kids' ambition. Above all, the boredom killers should bring families outside and encourage them to move. In addition, skills such as dexterity, concentration and coordination are trained and trained.

Croquet is a historic outdoor game that dates back to 16th-century France. The idea is quite simple: With a wooden bat, small wooden balls are hit through a course of small metal goals with as few attempts as possible. Croquet is usually played on a lawn to allow the wickets to be firmly anchored to the ground. Your own garden or the meadow behind the house are the perfect terrain. This striking game is all about dexterity, motor skills and precision. Here is the game.

This cult game, which swept over from the USA to Europe, is also primarily about accuracy. The stars of this outdoor game are several small bags filled with corn (or sand) that fit in small and large hands. The aim of the game is to place the bags on a sloping platform - or better yet: sink them into their holes. In addition to the classic variant, there are now also special cornhole versions for children and families on the market. Cornhole is perfect for children's birthday parties, but also for small family duels, for example on vacation on the Baltic Sea beach. The game is available here in a monster edition with a transport bag.

Table tennis is not only one of the most popular ball sports in Asia, which is mainly played in leisure time. At thousands of outdoor tables, people are eagerly smashing and snipping. Mini table tennis tables are becoming increasingly popular. They are not only suitable for smaller ball artists, but can also be set up in a few simple steps in the garden or on the terrace. Most are about a meter long, weigh less than ten kilograms and can be folded down to a manageable size. In addition to hand-eye coordination, table tennis also trains the ability to react. Above all, it's monstrously fun.

The pointed steel arrows of classic dart games have no place in children's hands. And yet the popular throwing game magically attracts even small children. Child-friendly variants come with Velcro or magnets. They are usually easy to install anywhere, protect floors and walls and are completely harmless. In addition to the throwing fun, the mini-darters can also start their first mathematical attempts when they add up the points of their attempts. Here is the game as a magnetic version.

The undisputed number one mobile park and garden game. There is hardly a German park where wooden sticks have not been aimed at opposing blocks to clear them out of the way. The entertaining outdoor fun for young and old is about which team was the first to hit the king in the middle of the field. Before that, all "guardians" of the wood ruler must be removed. The traditional outdoor game has its roots in Scandinavia and requires coordination, precision and some tactical skill. As always, a little bit of luck is also part of it. Here is the game.

Ball games of all kinds are usually at the top of the list of favorite activities for children from the age of two. Most kick rubber balls across playgrounds, others are amazed at the wildly bouncing bouncy balls. There are mobile basketball systems for little basket hunters and Nowitzki fans that can easily be set up on the terrace or in the garden. Many are height-adjustable, so that even the little ones can experience a sense of achievement early on with spectacular baskets. In order for them to be stable, the foot is usually filled with water or sand. The basketball stands for children are mostly made of plastic to reduce the risk of injury. There is a basketball hoop for kids here.

Like many other leisure activities, bowling and skittle alleys are closed due to the corona pandemic. But there are now also outdoor game variants for the traditional game with balls and skittles. The idea is easy to explain: Nine or ten cones are set up as a triangle with the point at the front. Then it's all over the place. The formation must be cleared in as few attempts as possible. The skittles are made of plastic or foam, depending on the recommended age, and are usually depicted as funny characters. Garden bowling belongs on every play list for children's birthday parties outdoors. There is a bowling game for kids here.

Spikeball - also called Roundnet - is probably the fastest and most action-packed game idea in this list. At the center is an elastic net stretched over a ring that stands on four feet on the ground and basically looks like a small trampoline. The game is played in two versus two mode. A small ball must be smashed onto the net with the palm of your hand in such a way that the opposing team cannot return it. As in volleyball, each team is allowed three touches of the ball. The first player to reach 21 points wins the game. Spikeball can be played on any surface. The trend sport is the most fun on the beach and in the meadow. Children can perfectly train their hand-eye coordination with this game. For quick and easy transport, most sets can be easily disassembled and stowed in a practical bag. Here's a complete spikeball set with three balls.

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