On “Let’s Dance”: These celebrity families were already there

On Friday (February 23rd) “Let’s Dance” goes into a new round.

On “Let’s Dance”: These celebrity families were already there

On Friday (February 23rd) “Let’s Dance” goes into a new round. The prominent participants fight for victory and the title “Dancing Star” with the help of professionals. The RTL dance show is in its 17th season this year and features, among others, fitness influencer Sophia Thiel (28), "Lion's Den" investor Tillman Schulz (34) and star choreographer Detlef Soost (53). In addition, some German celebrity families seem to have dancing in their blood, as a look at the list of candidates for the show shows...

Giovanni Zarrella (45) took part in “Let’s Dance” in 2017. He was eliminated in the semifinals along with dance professional Marta Arndt (34). His brother Stefano Zarrella (33) will take part this year. Will he make it as far as his brother?

Maite Kelly (44) won “Let’s Dance” in 2011. Together with Christian Polanc (45), the member of the famous Kelly Family danced his way to first place. Brother John Michael Kelly (56) had to leave the show early in 2020 for family reasons. This year, nephew Gabriel Kelly (22) is taking part. He is the son of Angelo Kelly (42).

In 2018, Heiko Lochmann (24) danced together with professional dancer Kathrin Menzinger (35). The two were thrown out of the show after the third round. His brother Roman Lochmann (24) was also there in the eleventh season. He even made it to the seventh round together with Katja Kalugina (30).

In 2019, Oliver Pocher (45) took part in “Let’s Dance” and reached seventh place. His wife Amira Pocher (31) took part in the 15th season in 2022 and even made it to fourth place. By the way, Pocher's ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (40) also took part in the dance show. She already took part in 2016. After the seventh show she had to leave the show.

Cheyenne (23) and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (32) didn't make it quite that far. The 23-year-old took part in 2022 and only made it to the second show. Her older brother took part in "Let's Dance" in 2018, but had to drop out before the sixth episode due to a metatarsal fracture.

“Everything that counts” star Cheyenne Pahde (29) achieved eighth place in the tenth season of “Let’s Dance”. Her twin sister Valentina Pahde (29) took part in the 14th season four years later and even made it to the final with her dance partner Valentin Lusin (37). There they narrowly missed out on victory and ended up in second place.

There are also family connections among the professional dancers. Motsi Mabuse (42) danced as a participant in the show in the second and third seasons, and the dance trainer has been on the jury for “Let's Dance” since 2011. In 2015, her sister “Oti” Mabuse (33) followed her onto the dance floor and took part in the eighth and ninth seasons of the RTL show.

Renata (36) and Valentin Lusin have been part of the professional cast of “Let’s Dance” since 2018 and dance with various celebrities. In 2021, the professional dancer was able to secure first place together with ex-soccer player Rúrik Gíslason (35). In 2023, her husband won the title with Anna Ermakova (23). This year the Lusin couple is expecting their first child together.