O.J. Simpson: Ex-footballer reportedly has cancer


O.J. Simpson: Ex-footballer reportedly has cancer

O.J. Simpson (76) is said to have cancer. The former football star is said to be undergoing treatment, as first reported by Local 10 News.

Simpson dismissed the rumors that he was in hospice in a video on X, formerly Twitter, on Friday. Without denying a possible diagnosis, he appeared to be in a good mood and laughed about the false report in the video. He further claimed that everything was fine and that he planned to invite a lot of friends to the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Local 10 News previously reported that the 76-year-old had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It goes on to say that his chemotherapy is currently taking place in Las Vegas. A few weeks ago he was photographed there, apparently stricken and walking on a cane.

“TMZ” also picked up the report – and found a clip from 2023 in which O.J. Simpson himself reported cancer in a subordinate clause. The statement appears to have been lost at the time and not picked up by the media. In the clip, Simpson spoke about his experiences with marijuana and said that he had "caught cancer" and undergone chemotherapy in recent years. Without going into detail at the time about what form of cancer it was, he also said in the video that he had beaten it and that he was doing well now.

O.J. Simpson was considered one of the biggest football stars of his time during his playing career with the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. The running back was voted the league's best player in 1973. After his retirement, he began an acting career. His best-known role is that of Detective Nordberg in the slapstick film series “The Naked Gun” alongside Leslie Nielsen (1926-2010).

Making headlines was O.J. Simpson but especially with his trials in court. In 2008, he was sentenced to up to 33 years in prison after an armed robbery. He has only been a free man again since the end of 2021.

A murder trial against the ex-professional athlete had previously caused a worldwide stir. He was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her new boyfriend. In a spectacular criminal trial in 1995, Simpson was ultimately acquitted due to lack of evidence. However, two years later, a civil court found him guilty and ordered him to pay more than $30 million in damages.