Offspring : Demi Moore and Bruce Willis become grandparents

Rumer Willis, 34, becomes a mother.

Offspring : Demi Moore and Bruce Willis become grandparents

Rumer Willis, 34, becomes a mother. The actress and singer is expecting her first child with boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas, the pair announced in a joint Instagram post on Tuesday. Willis and Thomas made the special announcement with three baby bump photos.

In the first picture, the father-to-be wraps his hand around her growing belly and kisses it while Willis smiles at the selfie camera. In another picture, she showed her pregnant silhouette in front of a window. The third picture is similar to the first, only that Thomas looks into the camera with a surprised look. As a comment, the expectant mother only posted a plant germ emoji.

Not only the couple is happy about the addition, but the whole patchwork family around the future grandparents Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. The two were married from 1987 to 2000 and, after Rumer Glenn, had daughters Scout LaRue, 3, and Tallulah Belle Willis, 28.

The US Hollywood star has been married to Maltese model Emma Heming-Willis since 2009. The two had daughters Mabel and Evelyn in 2012 and 2014.

All adult families regularly show how good patchwork happiness is with Instagram posts that show them at celebrations and activities together. And even now the comments under the baby belly posts and reposts are piling up. "My hot, crazy, weird grandma era begins," writes Demi Moore about her repost. Daughter Tallulah picks it up and posts: "I'm entering my hot, crazy, weird aunt era". Scout comments: "Activating the hot, crazy, weird Aunt Scout era. Thanks @rumerwillis and @derekrichardthomas for co-creating my new best friend."

And Emma Heming-Willis wrote on behalf of her four: "Baby news is happy news!!! Congratulations @rumerwillis and @derekrichardthomas! We are over the moon!"

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