O Tannenbaum: Lego Christmas decorations: Eleven cheerful ideas for building fun in Advent

Traditionally, many living rooms in Germany are festively decorated during the Advent season.

O Tannenbaum: Lego Christmas decorations: Eleven cheerful ideas for building fun in Advent

Traditionally, many living rooms in Germany are festively decorated during the Advent season. Often with the same figures, stars, wreaths and lights year after year. Small and slightly larger Lego Christmas decorations could provide a bit of variety this year. From Christmas baubles with reindeer to this year's new addition to the Winter Village Collection, the festively decorated main street and tram, Lego has something for every Christmas fan in 2022.

Here are ten ideas for festive building fun this Christmas season:

One of the most popular and coveted Christmas sets for years. The 343-piece Santa's Sleigh consists of the bulging and smartly decorated sleigh complete with Santa Claus with the wish list in hand. Four reindeer pull him from house to house. And they are also the stars of this small but fine Christmas set.

If you want to hang something else on your Christmas tree or put it in the Advent wreath in addition to the classic Christmas tree balls and other Christmas motifs, you could go to the little snowman

A real insider tip from the Lego Christmas offer 2022. The Christmas penguin is standing on an ice floe along with a decorated Christmas tree and small gifts. Very cool: the twelve centimeter tall emperor penguin can turn and move its wings. The set consists of 244 parts.

A set that has been in great demand since Advent every year and often sells out quickly. The exclusive Lego Advent wreath consists of just over 500 mostly green parts. The highlight: The set can either be built as a classic wreath with four candles and used as a table decoration. Alternatively, the piece of jewelry gets a red bow and is hung on the apartment door.

The Christmas tree ball with Santa Claus is definitely an eye-catcher. The ball has a diameter of about seven centimeters and can be easily built and hung on the tree by even the youngest Lego fans. And if a Lego Christmas tree bauble is not enough, you should hang the Christmas tree bauble with reindeer right next to it.

Collectors can often hardly wait for the Advent season because of this set. The Lego Winter Village Collection is one of the most popular themed series from Lego. This time the Christmas village can be expanded with a light blue and snow-covered cottage. Santa's Visit is the name of the set, which consists of almost 1500 parts. And of course Santa can't be missing. True to style, he slides down the fireplace into the family living room with the sack on his shoulder. A lovingly designed set that enriches every winter village. As a small treat, the Christmas tree in the front yard can be made to glow with a light brick.

The BrickHeadz have also established themselves in the Lego family. The anniversary number 150 was released in January 2022. Jake Sully and his avatar are now on the market as numbers 180 and 181. Numbers 85, 86 and 87 in 2020 went "Reindeer

A somewhat older, but also lovingly designed Lego Christmas set is the journey on the Lego Christmas train. It comes from 2017, consists of 169 parts and should encourage little fans of the clamp building blocks in particular to build for Christmas. A small locomotive with two trailers is built, plus two Christmas market stalls and a lantern with a city map so that you don't miss the Christmas market. Of course, the train driver, a mulled wine seller and a visitor should not be missing.

The Brickheadz Santa Claus lined up as numbers 33 and 34

The Nutcracker also belongs in the top ten Lego Christmas decorations. The limited set of 320 pieces is hard to come by. Every now and then it shows up at retailers like Amazon. The nutcracker is almost 20 centimeters high when assembled. He doesn't really crack nuts though.

Every year, Lego also has a buildable Christmas tree in its range. The 2022 version of the colorful light tree consists of almost 800 parts. The special thing about this set: You can build either a large tree (approx. 30 cm high) or two smaller trees. Here's the Lego Christmas tree 2022.

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