November 2022: These are the current stern bestsellers of the month

It is a bit surprising that so many people still buy "real" reading material despite increasing digitization.

November 2022: These are the current stern bestsellers of the month

It is a bit surprising that so many people still buy "real" reading material despite increasing digitization. On the other hand, it is also a good sign that so many readers still appreciate a good book. For this reason, you can now find the stern orderers for the print editions, which are published every Thursday, online. Here are the fiction and nonfiction bestsellers of November 2022.

The former copywriter, born in 1984, never tires of writing about great feelings and romantic love, which every adult knows are the devil's favorite toys. But today, for once, we'll let the 666 be odd and recommend her new story about Helena and Jessiah with goodwill. What do we know about Mrs. Kiefer? She collects sweatshirts, likes horses and biscuits, loves fries with currywurst and doesn't like to keep her fans waiting. After "Heavy and Light" and "Bright and Dark", volume three of their "Westwell" series is to be released in February: "Hot and Cold". So here's a warning to the author if she tries to continue her project in this way: we'd rather get "Sweet and Sour" from the Chinese, with chicken. Here is the book.

Back when Dörte was still small and the world was practically minded, the Hansens not only wiped the house flies, the brandy waste and who knows what else off the table with the kitchen rag, but also wiped the snotty noses of the children. From September to May, the North Frisian slanting rain hit your hood, at the village school in Högel there was thrashing for dirty fingernails, and at the start of class a soldier's song was blared out of children's necks: "The blue dragoons, they ride". This is precisely the stuff that gives birth to literature. Today, 58-year-old Hansen sees herself as a chronicler of dying worlds and says: "I want to describe what disappearance means." In her third novel, she sets sail and takes on life on the stormy islands of the North Sea. A book for landlubbers too. Here is the book.

In Wipperfürth in Oberberg, not only Dr. Aloys Pollender contracted the anthrax bacillus in 1849, and Udo Lattek also taught sports here at the Engelbert-von-Berg-Gymnasium, which Volker Kutscher once attended. Lattek later became FC Bayern coach, Kutscher became our greatest history teacher. Thanks to his research and its film adaptation for the series "Babylon Berlin", we know almost more about the 1930s than about our present. His ninth novel with Commissioner Gereon Rath takes us through the year 1937: Rath works as a postman in New York, he survived the crash of the "Hindenburg". Paul von Hindenburg? Something was wrong with that! Exactly: The Reich President became an honorary citizen of Wipperfürth in 1917. Yes, Mr. Kutscher, we can also do historical research here. Here is the book.

This week's newcomers are surprisingly consistent with previous events: Thunberg's climate book meets Holzner's experience from the emergency room (5th place). With which the media and politically powerful clash between fighting climate protectors and fighting rescue workers seems to be reflected here as well. A new mega topic? Another terrible outgrowth of this period?? Have climate protectors made sure that Holzner can't get past Thunberg's book??? We breathe in. We exhale. And remember: some coincidences can simply be coincidences. And only facts prove the opposite? Here is the book.

There are books whose reading makes up for years of ignorance. This is the sixth volume of the "Paluten Freedom" series by Patrick Mayer, who was born in Hamburg. Here we learn about unexplored seas and gigantic sharks, about Captain Schmörtebeker's treasure and the courage of Captain Schmierhose, seriously now! But instead of nagging reflexively about the rampant infantilization of society, we prefer to sing a song of praise to the business acumen of a new generation of authors. With currently 4.69 million subscribers, 34-year-old Mayer is among the top ten German Youtubers, his fortune is estimated at three million euros, and the northern lights have also moved to Munich. Yes, Kreiz Kruzifix nomoi, they still exist, the books that make you filthy rich! Here is the book.

A work without an author is either an encyclopedia to which so many clever minds have contributed their knowledge that not all names fit on the book cover. Or an instruction manual. This work without an author seems to be a mixture, on the one hand a reference work for the role-playing game of the same name and on the other hand a guide through its virtual fantasy world. Funnily enough, the computer game itself has two authors: In addition to Hidetaka Miyazaki, a Japanese game developer, George RR Martin, creator of the "Game of Thrones" novels, was also involved. Here is the book.

As we all know, the brain is like an easily trainable muscle. What we often think and do becomes ingrained until we no longer notice it and can only change it with difficulty. For 16 years and more than 30 thrillers, Sebastian Fitzek has been thinking about what people can do to each other. And how these atrocities can be so particularly nasty that he still surprises others who like to read about them a lot. Fitzek's head is so well practiced at this that, in addition to the inevitable envy of being able to produce bestsellers so skilfully, we are gradually beginning to worry a little about the author: Dear Mr. Fitzek, don't you want a cheerful coming-of- Sprinkle in Age story? Or even a romance novel? Here is the book.

"Most of us can only control what's happening right here in front of us, on our own doorstep. So we're often overwhelmed by the size of the problems. We run out of breath, we lose momentum, we lose energy. In those I want to encourage people to focus on what they can actually influence," Michelle Obama told stern last week in an exclusive conversation about the release of her new book. That her influence is still very large and global, that The former first lady is of course aware of this.As if to prove it, her confessions and advice became an instant bestseller. Here is the book.

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