Nobility: Cheesemaking: Charles III. visit ecovillage

Finely perforated, with an intensely spicy aroma, but still mild.

Nobility: Cheesemaking: Charles III. visit ecovillage

Finely perforated, with an intensely spicy aroma, but still mild. This is how Katja von Maltzan describes the cheese that King Charles III. to produce on Thursday during his visit to the Brodowin organic farm. "We heard that the king should be a big cheese lover," said von Maltzan, who runs the farm together with her husband, the German Press Agency. "We took that as an opportunity to make our own creation for him. It's a Tilsiter-style cheese, refined with carrot juice. "That gives it a little sweetness and an orange color - like British cheddar."

On the second day of his state visit, Charles, who is known as an advocate of organic farming, also travels to the eco-village, which is around 80 kilometers northeast of Berlin. There he wants to find out more about sustainable agriculture and the protection of wetlands - and lend a hand with cheese-making himself. During production, Charles is supposed to fill the cheese mass into a cheese mold by hand and smooth it out.

King's cheese has to mature

The Brodowiner Königskäse, which will receive a crown embossing, has to mature for around six to eight weeks. A total of around 150 round loaves of this special creation are to be made, which can be bought later.

Charles' visit to the 2,500-acre farm is a great honor, von Maltzan said. "The fact that the king decided to come to Brodowin on his first state visit is a statement for organic farming and for sustainability." He is an "organic pioneer par excellence" for whom organic farming is a matter close to his heart. She is happy to be able to shake his hand.

Charles has been committed to biodynamic (demeter) agriculture for decades and is considered by many to be a pioneer in the field. As early as the 1980s, he switched to organic farming on his Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire. A step for which many smiled at him at the time.

Organic box delivery service and farm shop

In addition to the cheese production, the king will find out about the special concept of the eco-village, said von Maltzan. On the farm, where 160 dairy cows, 300 dairy goats and 1800 hens live, grain and animal feed are grown in addition to 20 types of vegetables. There is an organic box delivery service, a farm shop and restaurants.

If Charles feels like it, he could already be crowned on Thursday – with a chocolate crown. The farm's master confectioner worked on this for two and a half weeks, says van Maltzan. It is made of white chocolate - the icing gems - and modeled on the crown Charles will be crowned with in May. The size is also right. "In theory, he could put them on right away."